Bangalore University will check university traffic, 3 accidents in 3 days | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: Amid protests by Bangalore University students seeking a ban on public vehicles entering their Jnanabharathi campus entering the third day, a meeting of stakeholders on Wednesday decided to regulate traffic movement on the campus.
After the meeting attended by the student and staff representatives, police officials, BBMP, and BMTC, BU vice-chancellor Jayakara SM said they will install 150 barricades and regulate traffic flow in the campus, and fix timings for movement of public vehicles after consulting the government.
The university’s move to build two speed-breakers on the university main road in haste without marking them has resulted in three accidents where two-wheelers moving over the speed-breakers skid, throwing off the riders. A research scholar injured in one of the accidents is in a coma.
The condition of the 23-year-old girl student, who came under the wheels of a BMTC bus on Monday sparking off the protest, is still critical but showing signs of improvement, doctors said.
A knee-jerk reaction by authorities to install two road humps overnight to pacify Bangalore University (BU) students who have been demanding a ban on the movement of public vehicles inside the Jnanabharathi campus has had unintended consequences: Three accidents have been caused by the humps and a 40-year-old varsity research scholar injured in one is in a coma.
The campus is in the spotlight since Monday after a 23-year-old student, Shilpa Shree, had to be rushed to hospital with critical injuries after coming under a BMTC bus. She is in ICU and continues to be critical. Doctors, however, said Shilpa is showing signs of gradual improvement.
The incident triggered a protest by the student community and teaching fraternity. The protesters blocked the Bangalore University main road, which connects Mysuru Road with Nagarbhavi and Ullal, by staging demonstrations demanding a ban on public vehicles on campus.
“As the students’ protest threatened to intensify, the authorities chose to get into damage-control mode by installing two speed-breakers on the main road on Monday night. But the irony is that these speed-breakers, which came up overnight and caught regular road users unawares, have turned into deathtraps,” pointed out a BBMP official.
The speed-breakers were unscientifically laid without reflective paint or solar blinkers. As a result, many motorists fell while crossing the humps. One of the victims, identified as a two-wheeler rider and Bangalore University research student Ramanjanappa, suffered serious injuries on Tuesday night after he lost control of his two-wheeler while riding over the hump. He has been shifted to a hospital and is in a coma, police sources said.
A similar accident had occurred on Monday night, where a biker, 54-year-old Ravikumar K, was injured. On Wednesday morning, two-wheeler rider Nikhil lost control of his vehicle on the hump and fell on the road.
BBMP blamed BU authorities and traffic police for the hump-related accidents. Though the stretch is part of the major roads that come under BBMP’s purview, the speed-breakers were installed by the technical team of the university, civic officials claimed.
BBMP chief engineer (Rajarajeshwarinagar) Vijaykumar told: “Usually, for any alteration on the roads, other agencies have to submit a formal request before BBMP. Then, the civic agency along with traffic cops will install speed-breakers. But here the varsity authorities unilaterally decided to set up the humps on their own after the girl’s accident without keeping BBMP in the loop.”
Another BBMP engineer said police personnel was present on the spot when the humps were being installed. On checking with police, the latter maintained that the varsity authorities would complete the speed-breakers with reflective paint and blinkers. “We didn’t expect them to create two elevated patches on the road and leave,” a traffic cop said.
BU admitted to constructing the humps after talking to experts. Jayakara SM, vice-chancellor, BU, said BBMP was not consulted when speed-breakers were laid as there was an urgent need to set them up. “The humps were unscientific and they will be repaired soon in consultation with the urban local body and traffic police,” he said.


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