A gang of miscreants stalked a Bengaluru woman in the middle of the night and staged an accident.

A gang of miscreants stalked a Bengaluru woman in the middle of the night and staged an accident.

An incident in which a bunch of miscreants allegedly chased a woman at midnight on Bengaluru’s Sarjapur Road has sparked safety fears in the IT capital once again. Srijan R Shetty, a programmer, recounted his wife’s ordeal while leaving her colleague’s home late on November 8.

Srijan R Shetty wrote in an X post. “I’ve never felt unsafe in Bangalore – I understand my privilege as a Kannada-speaking male – but last Thursday night I realized how unsafe certain parts of the city are after 10 p.m.” I’ve seen the horrifying films of fake accidents in Sarjapur where hooligans attempted to blackmail the individuals in the car. On November 8th, my wife offered to drop off several other colleagues (2 females, and 1 male) because it was difficult to catch a cab from Sarjapur. Their car was pursued by a group of men for a few kilometers; she was wise enough to stop only on the main road and notify the cops as soon as possible.”

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Srijan then stated that the gang asked his wife to get out of the car so they could talk. “The men demanded that they step out of the car, which she did not do, for alleged damage sustained during the chase.” A couple of tempo drivers rear-ended her car and joined the man in the green shirt in pressuring individuals who couldn’t speak Kannada. None of the onlookers assisted the three women and a man in the automobile. “The incident could have taken a different turn if she hadn’t called the cops and then called us and 10 of her friends to join her at her location immediately,” he added.

This is not the first time such things have occurred in Bengaluru. Previously, Bengaluru police detained a number of people for faking an injury and extorting money from non-Kannada-speaking residents of the city. It is also recommended that drivers use dash cameras to record and report such instances to the authorities.

Meanwhile, Bengaluru police arrived on the scene 15 minutes after she dialed an emergency number and reported an incident. They then initiated an investigation based on the woman’s complaint.

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