Want new Korean shows to binge? Here are 10 intriguing K-dramas you can watch online


Korean dramas to watch

Fascinating stories, talented actors and incredible cultural aesthetics, are reasons enough for Indian audiences to binge hard on Korean content. From K-dramas and films to pop music, Hallyu or the Korean wave has steered its way into the hearts of Indian viewers and added to the popularity of South Korean culture in India. Following the success of Parasite and Minari on Prime Video, the launch of the Korean content slate is reflective of the booming interest in Korean dramas, including the strong affinity for genres like romance, mystery, thriller, and horror.

Here’s a list of 10 intriguing K-dramas that you can watch online  

True Beauty 

(IMDb: 8.1)

Starring Moon Ka-Young, Cha Eun-Woo, Hwang In-Yeop and Park Yoo-Na in key roles, this is the story of a young high school girl, bullied for her looks. While a makeover gives her instant fame, it is friendship that helps her face her insecurities and grow stronger.

Strangers from Hell 

(IMDb: 7.9)

When Yoon Jong Woo, an aspiring, crime-fiction writer moves to the big city for a small job, his living condition isn’t exactly what he expected or imagined. A cheap apartment building with questionable neighbours and mysterious occurrences, how will the chapters of his life unfold? Strangers from Hell, also known as Hell is Other People stars Yim Si-wan, Lee Dong-Wook and Cha Rae-Hyung.

Taxi Driver 

(IMDb: 8.2)

Based on the webtoon Deluxe Taxi by Carlos and Lee Jae-Jin, this taxi driver, is out for blood. The story follows a taxi driver, as he sets out to seek revenge on behalf of his passengers. The show stars Lee Je-Hoon, Esom, Pyo Ye-Jin and Kim Eui-Sung.

Tale of the Nine Tailed 

(IMDb: 8.0)

Hold onto the edge of your seats, as fantasy, romance, drama and suspense collide in Tale of the Nine Tailed. This urban fantasy series follows the story of Lee Yeon, a once mountain guardian spirit (nine tailed fox) and Nam Ji-ah, a producer in search of a story. With the cast of Lee Dong-Wook, Cho Bo-Ah, Kim Yong-Ji and Kim Beom among others, the show packs in enough to keep viewers entertained from start to finish.

Hotel Del Luna 

(IMDb: 8.2)

Check into this hotel but be warned; we hear it caters exclusively to the dead! Hotel Del Lune is a strange establishment run by a suspicious woman with a fishier past. When a young hotelier takes charge, things take an interesting turn as the past begins to unravel itself. Care to check-in? Lee Ji-Eun (IU) and Yeo Jin-Goo welcome you to the hotel as the show’s leads.

The Penthouse: War in Life Seasons 1 to 3 

(IMDb: 8.1)

In her struggle for entering the elite high society, a woman strives to become the Queen on the 100th floor penthouse in Gangnam. In her eyes, she’s reached the epitome of success, but is that enough? Watch the drama series starring Kim So-Yeon, Lee Ji-Ah, Eugene, Uhm Ki-Joon, Shin Eun-Kyung and Yoon Jong-Hoon and step into the life of opulence and all things shiny. Releasing on Oct 28.


Mr. Queen 

(IMDb: 8.8)

We’ve heard of a free-spirited soul, but what happens when this uninhibited spirit finds its way into another body? Modern day chef, Jang Bong-hwan’s soul finds itself trapped in Queen Cheorin’s body in the 14th century. Secrets begin to surface and situations become deliciously complex in this historical fantasy romantic comedy starring Shin Hae-Sun, Kim Jung-Hyun, Bae Jong-Ok and Kim Tae-Woo, among others. Releasing on Nov 4.   

Secret Garden

(IMDb: 8.1)

Every love story needs a little bit of magic but what happens when this magic starts complicating an already convoluted story? Meet Kim Joo-won, a rich, young CEO and Gil Ra-im, a poor stuntwoman who are brought together by fate but must now do everything in their power to overcome class and cultural differences. Not to mention, try and circumvent magic that keeps making things even more dramatic. A fantasy rom-com, the show stars Ha Ji-Won, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang-Hyun, Lee Jong-Suk and Kim Sa-Rang in lead roles. Releasing on Nov 4.   

Voice Seasons 1 to 4 

(IMDb: 7.7)

A must for all crime fans, Voice revolves around an emergency call centre and its employees who solve cases with the limited information they receive over urgent calls. An ex-detective and a talented, young police academy graduate chase after killers while fighting their inner demons.  The cast includes names like Lee Ha-Na, Jang Hyuk, Lee Jin-Wook, Yesung, Song Seong-Heon, among others. Releasing on Nov 4.   


(IMDb: 7.7)

Yoo Hye-Jung, a reckless student begins to change after meeting her teacher, Hong Ji-hong, who plays a key role in transforming her life. 13 years later when they bump into each other in a hospital, they must face and navigate the challenges of being doctors. The show stars Kim Rae-Won, Park Shin-Hye, Yoon Kyun-Sang and Lee Sung-Kyung in the lead. Also releasing in Nov.

These shows can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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