Vidhi Pandya evicted from Bigg Boss 15: Is Ieshaan-Miesha’s love angle real? Actress answers | EXCLUSIVE

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Vidhi Pandya

Actress Vidhi Pandya was eliminated from Bigg Boss 15 after the housemates voted her out. In a surprise double eviction, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to name two people who contributed least to the game and with majority votes against her and Donal Bisht, she was evicted from the reality show. Post her elimination, in an exclusive and freewheeling chat with India TV Vidhi shared her thoughts about her BB journey, her connection with Jay Bhanushali, Karan Kundrra and Umar Riaz and if Iesshan Sehgaal and Miesha Iyer’s relationship is genuine. 

“I have had a long day and a long night,” Vidhi quipped adding that her BB journey was “short, sweet and nice.” She is overwhelmed with all the love that she has received from the audience and is happy about the fact that fans did not vote her out.

“The kind of love that I’ve received in a short span is great. I feel sad that I was eliminated but extremely happy because it was not the audience but the contestants that voted me out. I have been loved by the audience and this is what matters to me when I look at the end of the whole journey,” she told us. 

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Vidhi was far from controversies and one of the soft-spoken contestants in the Bigg Boss 15 house, then why was she evicted by her housemates?

The actress is not entirely sure about this. “I am not thinking too much. It is evident they thought I wasn’t contributing much to the show. Somewhere I felt that too and that is why I accepted and I didn’t object to their decision,” she said, adding, “But when I came out of the house I realised, how much love I was receiving from the audience. They don’t feel my contribution was less. In fact, there are many more who are underperforming.”

Filmmaker Farah Khan who had entered the show as a special guest had given her and Donal the lowest ranking. However, Vidhi doesn’t agree with the ranking. “I took it as a wake-up call then but now that I’m out of the house I feel it is not true. I took it seriously thinking I should do something but now I think it is utter bull***t. Some people should have been placed lower,”  she said.


According to her Simba Nagpal and Akasa Singh were contributing lesser to the show than her. “Also, Ieshaan (Sehgaal). He is a good friend but sometimes I feel Miesha (Iyer) is intelligent and she uses her brain but Ieshaan only uses his muscle power,” she noted.

Owing to their on-camera PDA (Public display of affection) Ieshaan and Mieshaa grabbed much limelight. When asked if their relationship is genuine, Vidhi gave her affirmation. “I definitely think it is genuine. As I share a great connection with Meisha she told me that they are very real and she loves Ieshaan.” 

Vidhi’s bond with Jay Bhanushali, Karan Kundrra and Umar Riaz were also much talked about. It appeared that Jay overshadowed her presence. However, Vidhi thinks otherwise. “Jay is more famous than me, people might think and perceive that he was overshadowing me but I don’t feel it was true. Positive relationships and equations can never over-shadow, they can only blossom you. He (Jay), Karan and Umar were my support,” she said.

The actress wants fans to support ‘her boys’. “Jay, Karan and Umar are the most real people in the house and I hope one of them lifts the trophy. People should support the positive ones and not negative, aggressive people who are after some controversy,” said Vidhi in conclusion.

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