Video of Gaurav Chopra singing lullaby for his adorable baby boy is the best thing on internet today


Video of Gaurav Chopra singing lullaby for his adorable baby body is the best thing on internet today

For TV actor Gaurav Chopra, the last few months have been a roller coaster ride in terms of emotions. While he grieved at the loss of his parents, God gave him strength by blessing him and wife Hitisha Cheranda with a baby boy. The duo welcomed their son on September 12 in Bengaluru. Ever since the actor has been sharing a lot of adorable pictures of the baby on social media. Yet again he did the same when he shared a video of himself singing a lullaby with his baby in his arms. Along with the post he penned down an emotional note speaking about how he is loving fatherhood but missing his parents.

Gaurav Chopra on Instagram wrote, “Both of us are two weeks old today … Our #princeChopra and me , the infant #daddy ..both learning .. this is the #lori I sing to him ..he’s kind enough to ignore the lack of rhythm and tune .. and falls asleep each time … sometimes both the infants : him and me fall asleep ..he loves to wriggle and snuggle into my neck ..”

Further he wrote, “Had mentioned this song in a previous post .. had improvised this for a scene in #uttaran , its originally from #kabhikabhie .. Hope you’re kind enough to ignore the besuri singing as well. Tomorrow it shall be a month to my father passing away …While I take baby steps to become a daddy ,he guides and mentors me from within ..If only … Sending out love and wishes and asking for blessings ,like always ..”

On the arrival of his little prince, the couple shared a post and wrote, “Enlightenment in three dates. . The meaning of life , explained in this short span of time .. a roller coaster ride , a cycle … never ending…an emotional and physical test ..and then divine intervention and a bountiful blessing today …Between the morning and the afternoon, between two placards on the door .. everything changed! thank you for your love and’s been my strength”


Gaurav’s parents who contracted COVID-19 passed away. He wrote emotional posts for the two of them. Gaurav captioned his father’s picture as,  “Shri Swatantra Chopra My Hero. My idol. My inspiration. Will I ever manage to be a millionth of a man that he was ? Don’t think so.. The ideal man , the ideal son,the ideal brother, a man who always put family above everything else. An ideal took me 25 years to even come to terms with the fact that all fathers are not like him.. That he was special .. I was blessed..and as his son that’s the legacy I have inherited…loved and respected so so much more than I ever will..a celebrity in its true terms.”

Alongside his mother’s photo, Gaurag wrote, “My mommy strongest !! The first picture is from a year ago. Three years of cancer fighting of the worst kind ,three years of non stop chemo: and she was bucking us up ! Always the brightest spot of energy in the room . Always. The beauty that did not need any kind of accentuation. It stood out .loved by all. To the point of seeming like her fans. . . Inspired so a teacher, as a principal,as a colleague ,as a friend ,as a human being pursuing spiritual growth over everything else..”

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