Super Dancer Chapter 4 finale: Looking back at some of most precious moments from reality show

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Super Dancer Chapter 4

Dance reality show Super Dancer – Chapter 4 will be hosting its grand finale, ‘Nachpan Ka Maha Mahotsav’ on the 9th of October. With the top 5 finalists – Florina, Sanchit, Neerja, Soumit and Pruthviraj ready for the final battle on the show, speculations are abounded about who will take home the grand trophy. Whatever may be the result, Super Dancer Chapter 4 has left viewers wanting more over the episodes. Here’s looking back at the five moments from this season that left everybody in awe: 

Special guests wanting to take home cute Florina 

Florina is not only known to be a killer dance machine but, she is also a little charmer that made them and the audience go “awwww”. The way she spoke and responded to the compliments given to her or even her facial expressions while dancing made everyone’s hearts flutter. Special mention of the guests who went “fida” on Florina’s charms was Malaika Arora, who wished for a daughter like her. Farah Khan, Remo D’Souza, Neetu Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt were also impressed by her. 

Esha’s mouthwatering treats from special guests 

Foodie Esha has won the hearts of the audience and the judges with her groovy dance moves but what made Esha even more amazing was the fact that she was a certified foodie! Bowing down to Esha’s hunger pangs, special guests would often get mouthwatering food for her that looked so delicious that you could taste it only by looking at it. It was not only Esha who had the time of her life on the show, but it seems the audience did as well! 

Sanchit being compared with dancing legend Michael Jackson 

King of Pop, Michael Jackson had created a huge fanbase world over with his smooth dance moves, one of which that remains the hallmark of his style, the moonwalk! Super Dancer Chapter 4’s Sanchit’s dance moves often shocked the judges and the special guests so much so that his dance act was given the name ‘Sanchit Style’ by the judges! 


Pruthviraj’s graphic performances 

While all dancers had their own signature styles in the show, it was Pruthviraj’s ability to tell a story through his dance act that touched the hearts of many. Weaving imagination with dance moves, as judge Anurag Basu had once described Pruthviraj’s dance act to be, every time Pruthvi performed, it was a visual treat for the viewers. 

Signature complimenting styles of the judges 

When it comes to judges Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu, they can be called the pillars of Super Dancer Chapter 4. Supporting and guiding the contestants throughout the show, the three judges won the hearts of the audience with their emotional connection and investment in trying to better each performance of every contestant. What would perhaps be always imprinted in the mind of the audience would be their signature styles in which they would complement each contestant. Whether it be dabbing with the contestants on the seedhi as Shilpa Shetty Kundra did, Geeta Kapur’s graceful bow or Anurag Basu’s Kattapa moment culminating in the “cup todh” moment, they were special and they were unique to the three of them.  

Super Dancer Chapter 4, ‘Nachpan Ka Maha Mahautsav’ will premiere on 9th of October at 8:00 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

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