Sona Mohapatra shares eight suggestions to ‘smash the patriarchy’ the right way, praises Anushka Sharma

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Sona Mohapatra shares eight suggestions to ‘smash the patriarchy’ the right way

Singer Sona Mohapatra is known to speak her mind through her social media posts. After Bollywood celebrities came out in the open to support actress Rhea Chakraborty with the slogan, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Let’s smash the patriarchy, Me and You,” the phrase ‘smash the patriarchy’ started going viral on the internet. The slogan was written on Rhea’s tshirt when she was arrested by NCB in connection to drug angle in Sushant Singh Rajput death case on Tuesday. Reacting to the same, Sona shared eight suggestions about the right way to smash the patriarchy.

Sona Mohapatra tweeted, “Lets do this the right way dear #Bollywood & #India cus the rest is mostly hot air. 1) Pay your top actresses the same as your top actors.2) Write enough worthy roles 3) Film them ‘solo songs’ to make them larger than life? (No, item numbers don’t count). #SmashThePatriarchy. 4) Speak up(at least once?) about ur superstar of ages;a poster boy of toxic masculinity,a bully,serial abuser of women’s rights. Instead directors,producers,writers scramble to create more virtue signalling films for him? Actresses bend backwards to star in them. 5)B more inclusive in ur choices of film technicians. Don’t assume a female DOP cannot shoot a big budget film cus she’s not ‘strong’ enough?!Some of the best films in the west are shot by women!My fav;Ellen Kuras. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.”

In another tweet, she said, “6) Worry & do something about the horrendous statistics of only 8/9 songs out of the 100 released by you having a female singer in #Bollywood. The solo female songs always reprise versions, never to be promoted. The duets having us in chorus only? 7)Be ashamed of the systemic-institutional sexism, misogyny & lopsided power structure in the industry where NOT ONE lead actress or actor spoke up about the inconvenient truths in the #MeToo movement. Almost everyone looked the other way.”

She went on to applaud actress Anushka Sharma for backing female directors. Anushka has as a producer backed a digital release called Bulbbul which was directed by Anvita Dutt. She tweeted, “8)Trust women directors (not just the ones from the film families)with bigger production budgets.They are less likely to blow it up on wasteful ego-driven choices2.Financing a woman driven project is difficult as hell.Kudos to producer @AnushkaSharma for backing women directors.”

Sona Mohapatra also lauded Hollywood actor Kate Winslet who in her recent interview shared about her reevaluated career choices.

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