Samaksh Sudi, Geetika Mehandru and others: How TV celebs are celebrating Diwali 2021

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How TV celebs are celebrating Diwali 2021

Diwali is a festival of peace, harmony and lights. It will be celebrated across the country on November 4 this year. While last year the celebrations were restricted due to Covid, this year, people are excited to mingle with their fans and family considering the safety requirements and enjoying to the fullest. TV stars are also gearing up for Diwali 2021 and looking forward to celebrating in an eco-friendly way without crackers.

Talking about his celebrations, actor Samaksh Sudi revealed, “I’ll be celebrating Diwali with my close friends in Mumbai. That’s my family away from family. We follow all the rituals, pooja ceremony, sweets, cards and wrap it up with dance and music. We never include crackers in our Diwali celebrations. For me, Diwali is all about lights and candles. I never enjoyed crackers even when I was a kid. I hope everyone should play cracker-less Diwali this year. Let’s not pollute the environment and do our part of the contribution.”

This Diwali is very special for actress Geetika Mehandru because she has moved to a new place and is busy decorating her house. She said, “It’s my first Diwali with my parents in Mumbai.  I’m excited, I moved to a new place. I’m settling into a new place. Decorating my home. I will sit with my family after Pooja, we will meditate. have good food, and share a good time. I don’t recommend crackers. Diwali brings warmth within families and which is the most beautiful thing about the festival.”

Actor Guneet Sharma also supports the idea of celebrating Diwali without crackers. He quipped, “The actual essence of Diwali is lightning lamps. I feel we should do that and avoid bursting crackers. Bursting cracker leads to a huge amount of air pollution which is harmful to the entire ecosystem in a numerous way.”

He added, “My Diwali will be filled with family celebrations. I am gonna have lots of sweets as I love eating sweets a lot. I am very happy to be at my home this time with my family. My Diwali is going to be a great one as I am going to celebrate it with my mother, brother and all my relatives and friends. I am going to start my preparations soon. Diwali shopping is something which I really enjoy a lot as I am very fond of buying new clothes. I love dressing up in traditional attire. Also, I’m going to help my mom with the Diwali household cleaning work. Then on the main day, I am going to seek the blessings of the goddess Lakshmi. After that, I will go and meet my friends and relatives and will share the blessings and sweets with them. In the end, I am going to enjoy delicious food items cooked by my Master chef, none other than my mom.


Actor Amitt K Singh loves celebrating Diwali. For him, the festival is another reason to connect with friends and your loved ones, He said, “This festival has become a reason to connect with your loved ones, spend time with them, eat together and be environmentally responsible while celebrating this festive. This year I’m away from the family because of work, but I have an extended family in Mumbai. So I’m celebrating my Diwali with them, we wear our finest ethnic wear, gather, eat, dance and spend some quality time together.”

He added, “As I said, we have to be environmentally responsible and say no to crackers, now we have a more solid reason, as Crackers releases Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrous Oxides and many other harmful gases and are causing respiratory problems, and during today’s time we can’t take the risk to harm our lungs. So eat, laugh, help unprivileged and make this Diwali your best till date.”

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