Roadies 18: Rannvijay Singha, Prince Narula’s adventure reality show to go international this time?

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Roadies 18: Rannvijay Singha, Prince Narula’s adventure reality show to go international this time?

Roadies X8 Update: Adventure comes in many forms, and you can find it any nook and cranny! Think about mountain trekking, bungee jumping, canoeing, scuba diving, ziplining, sandboarding, snowboarding, and more. Some places have a little more advantage when you combine adventure with picturesque landscapes. Does your heart pump while even thinking about it? While canny folks shake their heads at what they consider the sheer risk of putting your life on the line for a short-lived thrill, adrenaline junkies continue to chase that elusive rush over high water, to great heights, over sheer rock faces, and to the deepest depths

As a show that’s synonymous to thrill and adventure, Roadies is all set to go International with its upcoming 18th season, we bring a list of some of the exotic and scenic locations that can make for an ideal Roadies journey!

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1. Spain

Remember the scenic beauty through that drive, the fear of bulls running over and the satisfaction of tomato fighting in ZNMD? You cannot doubt Spain’s adventure when it is the country that gave us the infamous La Tomatina Festival and the venturesome bull-running! Apart from these high-octane activities, you’ll be set in this country if you are looking for exploring volcanos, sand dunes, marshes, or mountain ranges.

2. Thailand

Whether you stay close to the cities or hop to a cluster of jungle-covered islands off the coast, Thailand is as quaint as it is packed with adventure at every turn. Who would need anything else when you have White sand beaches, full moon parties, golden temples, misty mountains, crazy nightlife, and deliciously cheap street-eats, sounds like a backpacking paradise right? Along with soothing elements, Thailand can make your stomach do summersaults with zip lining through 1,500-year-old rain forests, sea kayaking in Tarutao National Marine Park and caving in Pang Mapha.

3. Australia

Australia, with its expansive coastlines, fascinating wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, and rugged outback, is essentially synonymous with adventure. The list of exciting expeditions you can embark on here is seemingly endless. If we can pick one adventure highlight, it would be Skydiving at Wollongong. Imagine Jumping off an edge at 14,000 feet on the periphery of the troposphere reaching different league of precipitousness.


4. Switzerland

While the country promises to be an escape from the regular with its alpine scenery it is one of the best locations for the daring feat. From skiing to skydiving to paragliding and snowboarding, Swiss nature is perfect for all kinds of adventures. Clearly it’s much more than the creamy chocolates, addictive cheese, and a lot of snow! The diversity of the location puts it in bucket list of almost all the globetrotters and travelers.

5. Fiji Islands

Are you a water baby or a gloomy old soul? For sheer discovery and wonder, nothing in the world matches the spectacle of the world under the world’s oceans. And that is why no adventure destination comes close to achieving the kind of popularity Fiji Island have. The secluded coral reefs of Fiji, over the years, have acquired the label of being the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’. Home to ‘Great White Wall’, ‘Yellow Tunnel’ and other famous underwater dive-sites, Fiji is an unrivalled underwater adventure destination in the world.

The Roadies-enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the 18th season on MTV and with the show going international, it is surely kicking in the adrenaline rush and adding up to all the excitement.


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