Raj Kundra says his ex-wife Kavita cheated on him with his sister’s husband, calls Shilpa Shetty his soulmate


Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty

Actress Shilpa Shetty recently celebrated her 46th birthday on June 8. A couple of days after her birthday, old videos and articles of Raj Kundra’s first wife blaming her for breaking their relationship went viral. An old video of Raj’s ex-wife Kavita also resurfaced in which she was seen calling out Shilpa for her divorce. Upset with the same, Raj Kundra broke his silence over the matter and denied all the allegations. He also revealed that his ex-wife Kavita cheated on him with his sister’s husband Vansh. He said this was the real reason behind the end of their marriage.

Talking to Pinkvilla, Raj Kundra said, “We were living in one house with my mum, dad and my sister and her husband had moved over from India to try and settle in the UK. She grew very close to my ex-brother in law spending more and more time with him especially when I was out on business trips. Many of my family and even my driver would say we sense something fishy between these two and I would never believe it. I gave my ex wife the benefit of doubt.”

He added that even after his sister and her husband came back to India, Kavita was in contact with Vansh. He found the secret cellphone that she had hidden in the bathroom and told it to his sister. He said, “I recall how heartbroken I was and how I cried and cried thinking about what I had done to deserve this. I called and told my pregnant sister the phone number was Kavita’s second secret phone and that I was going to drop her at her house and that was the end for me she could decide what she wanted to do.”


While Raj Kundra’s sister decided to give her marriage another chance, he decided to separate from Kavita. Raj and Kavita got married in 2003 and were divorced in 2006. Later when Raj  started dating Shilpa, Kavita blamed the actress for their divorce. The duo decided not to react to Kavita’s allegations because Raj’s sister and her family was also involved.

He said, “It was very hard on Shilpa and I know how upset she was but she also understood the predicament I was in. She really supported me during this emotional time of my life. She has and always does bring out the best in me. I am grateful to God for such an amazing wife. Some good Karma I must have done that I went from marriage from Hell to finding my real soul mate.”

Raj Kundra married Shilpa Shetty in 2009 and they have two children– son Viaan and daughter Samisha.

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