Paris Beheading: Kangana Ranaut questions intolerance while Swara Bhasker calls the incident “Horrifying”


Kangana Ranaut and Swara Bhaskar on paris beheading

Actress Kangana Ranaut who is quite upfront with her words has strongly condemned the horrifying incident of Paris beheading. Reportedly the gruesome act happened on the name of religion where a teacher was beheaded on the streets. Ever since the incident has been gathering a lot of reactions from people all over the world.

Kangana took to her social media handle and questioned the intolerance. She wrote, I get really baffled a religion so intolerant to criticism and scrutiny absolutely male centric does not worship women, animals, plants or environment yet in today’s times it’s the fastest growing religion and also gets defended by the intellectuals, How come ???

In another tweet, Kangana further added, “A teacher is beheaded for a caricature, we can only imagine what those invaders must have done to our people during invasion, in today’s digital age with education and exposure they act like demons what they must have done to Bharat when they were Nomads?”

Apart from Kangana, Swara Bhaskar has also reacted to the incident saying that she was shocked and speechless. The actress wrote on Twitter, “HORRIFYING! What monstrosity makes people do this barbaric stuff. Speechless with shock. Remember if you think ur God wants u to kill in his name- START WITH YOUR EFFIN’ SELF! #parisbeheading.”


TV actress Shruti Seth similarly reacted saying, “Why not let your god settle his own scores, I’m sure he’s perfectly capable of avenging an insult. Who made you incharge of taking lives in his name??? Fed up with this religious terrorism!!! #parisbeheading.”

Meanwhile, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri who is popular for his controversial tweets regarding social issues wrote, also shared his opinion on the same.

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