Pachchis Movie Download Tamilrockers Movie Download [2022]

Pachchis Movie Download Tamilrockers Movie Download [2022]

Pachchis Movie Download Tamilrockers: In this movie, Raamz is characterized as Abhiram he is a person who loves betting however winds up unfortunate more often than not. A circumstance emerges where he needs to owe 25 lakhs to RK(Ravi Varma) who is the club proprietor. To organize this cash, Abhiram enters a neighborhood policy-centered issue among Gangadhar and Basava Raju. This is additionally the time, he goes over to Avantika(Sweta Varma) who is looking for her lost sibling, and gets associated with the wrongdoing point. How might Abhiram emerge from this issue keenly in the entire story of the film?

Ramez as the craftiness young fellow was acceptable. He suits the job impeccably and lives in his character well. Every one of his scenes with Ravi Varma is very acceptable. Swetha Varma, as the person who is searching for her lost sibling great. Her passionate and tense articulations work for the film very well and her string looks locked in.

Ravi Varma gets a decent job and is great as RK. His discourse conveyance, Hyderabadi articulation, and screen presence were very acceptable. Subhaleka Sudhakar is getting acceptable in his genuine job nowadays. The peak wind is additionally acquired well.

The film has a dull subject and has some strained snapshots of rush which are taken care of well in the principal half. The secret cop point in the film is dealt with well. The film’s subject is exhibited so well by the cameraman as the visuals look very grasping.


The film begins on an intriguing note yet sooner or later, the fervor level subsides. There are various rehashed scenes and just to make interest, the scenes are added to give the screenplay a curve.

On paper, Pachchis is extraordinary however with regards to execution, things ought to have been made simple for the crowd. It requires some investment for the crowd to comprehend the layers of the film and each character comes through. The film has an open consummation giving a clue for the continuation which looks somewhat odd.

Pachchis Movie Cast

  • Raamz.
  • Swetha Varma.
  • Ravi Varma.
  • Dayaa K.
  • Subhalekha Sudhakar.

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