Obsessed with true crime? These 5 gripping series deserve a spot on your binge watch list

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Obsessed with true crime? These 5 gripping series deserve a spot on your binge watch list

The reverent Mark Twain once said, truth is stranger than fiction. His words strike the right chord than ever with ‘true crime’ igniting curiosity amongst the viewers. Equal parts interesting and terrifying, audiences are devouring the fast-paced mystery of real-life crimes unraveling on the screen. From giving you a sneak peek into the inner workings of the criminally insane, to presenting edgy and mystery-induced drama, these crime docuseries will keep you gripped till the end. 

We’ve curated the most captivating true crime shows across Voot Select, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video that you’ll binge-watch in no time.  

1. True Life Crime UK on Voot Select 

This arresting TV series investigates the most harrowing crimes against innocent youngsters. These unsolved crimes have made it to the national headlines, uncovering the daunting questions behind them. The team’s quest to find the truth leads to unexpected breakthroughs no one saw coming in their wildest dreams. Witness families pursue justice as journalists probe the mystery of these shocking crimes.   

2. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix  

This disturbing miniseries isn’t for the weak of heart. It investigates the crimes of American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted for his offenses of sexually abusing minors as well as sex trafficking. The series includes interviews with survivors, his former staff members and the lead police personnel who untangled the mystery about his gruesome crimes.   


3. I’ll be Gone in the Dark on Disney+Hotstar  

This true crime docuseries delves into the quaint life of Michelle McNamara, who becomes obsessed with the crimes of the Golden State Killer. After a detailed investigation into the world of shady online chat rooms and dedicated true crime blogs, she writes a book encapsulating all her discoveries about the notorious killer.  


4. Nightstalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer on Netflix  


Based on the investigation and death row sentencing of infamous serial killer Richard Ramirez, the miniseries explores detectives’ traumatic journey to capture the criminal. From courtroom appearances to interviews with the law enforcement leading the case, the series take a deep dive into the shocking demonstration.  

5. Forensic Files on Amazon Prime Video 





With 21 seasons to choose from, zealous fans of the true crime genre would thoroughly enjoy binge watching this series. Studying baffling cases that have dominated news headlines, Forensic Files examines unexplainable crimes and mysterious accidents, bringing on legal experts to shed light on the intriguing cases.  


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