Nothing is being cleaned at all: Pooja Bedi shares inside video from Goa quarantine facility


Pooja Bedi shares inside video from Goa quarantine facility

Pooja Bedi faced the heat on social media after she travelled to Goa with her fiance Maneck Contractor during the lockdown. The former actress expressed her disappointment with the measures taken by the Goan authority to keep the quarantine facility and shared an inside video on Twitter. She revealed that the Goan quarantine facility wasn’t sanitized properly and people world get infected by going there rather than protecting themselves.

Pooja Bedi said, “There’s a LOT of uproar about my driving to goa with my fiance who is goan! We went BY THE BOOK. Applied online 2 goa GOVT+ DCP mumbai/stopped at every checkpost/did covid test at GOA hospital & SPENT NIGHT in GOA QUARANTINE. Pl see video as 2 WHY I was upset about facility.”

In the video, she gave a tour of the center and said, “It’s not that we expect comfort but just hygiene would be really, really appreciated. Forget sanitise, just look at the amount of dirt, fungus, mold… That means it is not sanitised, people are just coming in and out of here. Nothing is actually being cleaned at all. In facilities like these, where so many people are constantly coming, it’s more of a risk, I would say, to be in a facility like this than coming from a safe house and going to another safe house. It is much more of a risk getting contaminated in a place like this than a home that we come from.”

In another tweet, Pooja Bedi wrote, “The lack of hygiene & sanitization makes it a BREEDING GROUND for viruses. People who enter goa WITHOUT corona may get it at such a badly sanitised quarantine centre. I TWEETED out of CONCERN 4 the safety of others… BUT all people can focus on is that ‘a celebrity entered goa’?”


Pooja also hit out at those who trolled her for traveling to her home in Goa. She shared a video on Instagram and wrote, “Goa! its my home too! I refuse to be a soft target for embittered, jealous, fearful & narrow minded people. They should know facts… before they attack.!!!”

Earlier, Pooja Bedi shared a photo of her being stamped by the Goan authorities after she traveled there with her fiancee and was asked to stay in home quarantine till May 30. She said, “Drove back with fiancee maneck to our home in #Goa . (He’s goan. My home, car & business are all goa registered) The entire process of border control/ #COVID19 testing & the condition of quarantine facility was an experience that simply CANNOT become an acceptable way of life.”


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