No drug consumption, no recovery’: Key arguments Aryan Khan’s lawyer Mukul Rohatgi made in Bombay HC

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‘No Consumption, No recovery,’ argues Aryan Khan’s lawyer in HC 

Former attorney general of India, Mukul Rohatgi presented his arguments in favour of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan’s bail in the Bombay High Court. Arguing before Justice Nitin Sambre, Mukul Rohatgi on Tuesday (October 26) said that Aryan Khan was invited as the guest for the Cruise party from where the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested him following a raid. Rohatgi insisted that there was no recovery of drugs from Aryan, nor any medical test was conducted, hence, the star kid was ‘arrested wrongly’. He also argued, “he (Aryan) can be sent to rehab but he doesn’t need to undergo trial.”

In Aryan’s defense, Rohatgi said there is nothing against my client. There was a cruise from Bombay to Goa, Aryan Khan was invited to the cruise as a guest. He was invited by Prateek Gaba.

1- “No recovery, no consumption, I submit I am wrongly arrested,” Mukul Rohtagi said on behalf of Aryan Khan, adding penalty is for consumption or carrying it (Drugs). “I don’t have it, possession of somebody else (Arbaaz Merchantt) can’t be my possession. Unless it is in my knowledge.” He also said there was no material to show that Aryan financed illicit trafficking of drugs. Who is Prabhakar Sail and why Aryan Khan denied all connection with him in High Court?


2- Bringing Arbaaz Merchantt in the argument, former AG on behalf of Aryan Khan said “What is put against me is that you came with Arbaaz Merchantt, so you had conscious possession. My case is NOT conscious possession at all. What somebody had in their shoe or wherever is not my concern.”  

3- Citing Central government’s plans to bring in reform measures, Rohtagi said Aryan is a young boy, he should be sent for rehabilitation and not in jail. “He is a young boy with no (criminal) antecedents. The law provides that if someone is found consuming drugs, one has to be taken to rehab. Approach is not to keep people in jails. The social justice ministry is talking about reforms,” the former AG argued.

4- On the political controversy, Rohatgi said Aryan Khan should be kept away from the same and he has no allegation against any NCB officer or political personality. “Kindly keep me away from that controversy. I am making it clear, I have nothing against any NCB officer. I have no grievance.”


5- Talking about the Whatsapp chats, Rohtagi said “As for the WhatsApp chats, they were of the time period of 2018. None of the chats are from the cruise.” Aryan was connected to Archit Kumar, alleged drug supplier, through online gaming. They played online poker together.

6- NCB has named SRK’s manager Pooja Dadlani in their submission, to which Mukul Rohatgi stated “NCB is saying that an attempt was made to influence the arbitrator and the evidence. I repeat that I (Aryan) have not done anything. I deny all allegations. Yesterday Sameer Wankhede has confessed that there is a conflict between him and a political person. But today they are taking the name of Pooja (SRK’s manager) in this matter.”

“I’ve filed a rejoinder that I’m making no allegation against any NCB Officer. I did this after NCB filed an affidavit on one of Panch’s allegations which have blamed Pooja who is connected with me. I am not concerned with all that unsavoury controversy and I have no complaints against anyone from NCB or prosecution”, Mukul Rohatgi added. 


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