Nisha Rawal accuses Karan Mehra of having an extramarital affair, years of ‘constant abuse’


Nisha Rawal accuses Karan Mehra of having an extramarital affair, years of ‘constant abuse’

Television actor Karan Mehra, who played the role of Naitik in the popular daily soap ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, was arrested in Mumbai after his wife Nisha Rawal filed a complaint against him for domestic violence. He was also let out on bail on Tuesday. Recently, Nisha broke her silence and made shocking revelations against Karan. She alleged that he has an extramarital affair and has constantly been abusing her over the years.

Nisha told Bombay Times, “One of the charges filed by me against him is of domestic violence. I hadn’t spoken about it for so many years as I understand that his career and image are of utmost importance for an actor. Despite being considerate and compassionate, I have had to face something like this. This is definitely about Karan having an extramarital affair, me trying to work on the marriage, him not even taking responsibility for the child and constant abuse over the years, which I have never spoken about. I have evidence to authenticate my claim.”

Nisha further said, “I learnt about him being involved with another woman around a couple of months ago. I saw his text messages to the girl, I saw them for myself. Even after that, I sat him down and told him to talk about it. I have not behaved like a woman who will rip a man into pieces. I asked him if he didn’t want to continue then no problem.”

She continued, “My own mother got to know about it a few weeks ago. I hid it from my family and friends, as I wanted to save the marriage. After my mother learnt about the trouble in our marriage, I told her that I was still willing to work on it if he wanted to.”

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Karan has accused Nisha of demanding an unreasonable amount of money in alimony. Responding to this, she said, “It’s about my child and me. I got to know about his affair, repeated abuses… I ignored it, because I wanted to keep the marriage intact and I was also worried about his image of Naitik… goody-two-shoes.”


After getting bailed, Karan said that Nisha herself ‘smashed her head on the wall’ after the alimony discussions between them failed. He also revealed that Nisha was diagnosed with bipolar five-six years ago.

Talking to HT Karan said, “Nisha barged into my bedroom, as we have been sleeping in separate bedrooms since a while. She began shouting and abusing my family, told me, ‘I will ruin your life, spat on me and I calmly told her not to behave in this manner and to go back to her bedroom. I didn’t want to talk right then. I got up to go into the bathroom when she suddenly banged her head on the wall and said, ‘ab dekho kya hota’.”

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A case was registered against Mehra under IPC sections 336 (endangering human life or personal safety others), 337 (causing hurt by an act which endangers human life), 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) and 506 (criminal intimidation).

For those unversed, Karan and Nisha met on the sets of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and fell in love. The duo tied the knot in 2012 and welcomed their son Kavish in 2017. There have been rumours of troubles in their married life doing rounds while the actors had rubbished it.

For the last few months, Karan Mehra was staying in Punjab for his show Mawaan Thandiyan Chawan. He had returned to Mumbai last month after a few people on the sets tested positive. 

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