Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s estranged wife filed FIR against the actor and his family


Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s estranged wife Aaliya filed FIR against the actor and his family

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s estranged wife Aaliya has filed a FIr against the actor and his whole family at Versova police station in Mumbai. The FIR is filed under section 354 of IPC and other sections of the POCSO act. According to above section, one can not reveal the identity of the victim directly or indirectly.

According to the complaint filed by Aaliya, her daughter who was 9 years (now her age is 17) was molested by Nawazuddin’s brother Minhazuddin. The FIR has been filed by Aaliya on 27th July. She claims that Minhazuddin molested her daughter and showed adult clips at Nawazuddin’s house in Uttar Pradesh. According to the FIR, Nawazuddin was not present at that time. He was in Mumbai. Aaliya later went to Mumbai and informed about the same to the actor. Aa per the FIR, Nawazuddin told Aaliya that since his career has just started, she should keep the information to herself as it will put him in bad light. She claims that the Raees actor asked her to keep the matter inside closed door and solve it.

Now through her lawyer, Aaliya has managed to file FIR against the family. Police officials from Versova Police station shared that that matter is very old and it does fall in their jurisdiction. They have registered FIR but there is no role of Nawazuddin in this. Police said it is all due to personal disputes.

Earlier, after filing for divorce from Nawazuddin Siddui, Aaliya had accused the actor of being unfaithful to her. Aaliya, in an interview with Pinkvilla, said her husband Nawazuddin used to have women over when she was expecting their first child. She said that the information about the actor’s alleged infidelity came from his brother, Shamas.


She said, “I remember it very clearly that even when we were dating and were about to get married, he was already in a relationship with someone else. We used to fight a lot before and after marriage as well. When I was pregnant, I had to drive all by myself for check-ups. My doctor used to tell me that I’m mad and I’m the first lady who’s come alone for delivery. My labour pain started and Nawaz and his parents were there. But when I was in pain, my husband is not with me. He was talking to his girlfriend on calls. I knew everything because there used to be itemised statement of phone bills.”


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