Mukesh Khanna calls The Kapil Sharma Show ‘vulgar,’ Mahabharat co-star Gajendra Chauhan condemns


Mukesh Khanna calls The Kapil Sharma Show ‘vulgar,’ Mahabharat co-star Gajendra Chauhan condemns

A few days back The Kapil Sharma Show gathered limelight when the host and comedian invited the cast of old epic show ‘Mahabharat.’ However, various eyebrows raised when the show’s Bhishma Pitamah aka actor Mukesh Khanna was nowhere to be seen. After actors from BR Chopra’s magnum opus including Punit Issar, Gajendra Chauhan, Nitish Bharadwaj, and Gufi Paintal appeared on the show, many wanted to know about Mukesh’s absence. Well recently, the actor opened up about the same on social media and called the show vulgar, cheap, and worse. Further, he said that TKSS has double meaning content and this is the reason why he rejected the invitation.

Taking to Instagram, the Shaktimaan actor wrote, “This question has gone viral – why Bhishma Pitamah wasn’t a part of the ‘Mahabharat’ episode. Some say I wasn’t invited while some say I refused to appear on the show. It is true that ‘Mahabharata’ is incomplete without Bhishma Pitamah. It is true that there is no question of not inviting. And, it is also true that I rejected the invitation. This is also true that now people would ask me why I would reject a platform like ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ as several top actors go there. They might go but Mukesh Khanna will not go!

Gufi also asked me the same question that the team is going to invite us after the ‘Ramayan’ cast. I said, all of you go, I will not go. Kapil’s show may be very popular, but for me, there isn’t a worse show than this. It is full of double-meaning dialogues, vulgarity in which the men wear women’s clothes, do cheap things and people laugh.”

Well now, his co-star from the show Gajendra Chauhan, who played the role of Yudhisthir, took a sly dig at him and in an interview with Hindustan Times said, “If you see the video, he has himself said that he was not invited and that he would not go on the show even if he was invited. This is like ‘maan na maan main tera mehmaan (whether you approve or not, I am your guest)’. When he was not invited in the first place, how would he even go?”


“Secondly, I think he has started thinking of himself as an authority on Mahabharat. He goes around giving gyaan to everyone. In the process, he has lost his own knowledge,” he added.

Not only this, Gajendra even referred to him as a ‘flop actor’ and said, “I also want to say, films are not vulgar. Films are either good or bad, hit or flop. He was a flop actor before Mahabharat. All his films had failed, which is why he turned to TV from films. He was first cast as Dronacharya. Vijayendra Ghatge was supposed to play Bhishma Pitamah, but he was busy with Buniyad, so he had to let go of the role.

I object to his comments. Yesterday, he posted a video on his YouTube channel. I completely condemn it. He should look at himself. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. Please look at your own career and films. You were tagged as a flop actor before Mahabharat. It was Mahabharat which saved your career. I was just a newcomer. I did two films before doing the show.”

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