Mahesh Bhatt’s sister files defamation case against actress Luviena Lodh, demands apology and Rs 90 lakh

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Mahesh Bhatt’s sister files defamation case against actress Luviena Lodh

Kumkum Sehgal and nephew Sahil, sister of noted filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, have filed a defamation case in Bombay City Civil Court against actress Luviena Lodh. The duo has demanded an apology from the actress and compensation of Rs 90 lakh for the ‘false’ allegations she has leveled against the filmmaker and his family. Mahesh Bhatt’s sister took this step after a video posted on Luviena’s Instagram in which she claimed that the Bhatt’s are into dealing of drugs and she has seen many actresses take the narcotic substance from him.

She said, “Mahesh Bhatt is the biggest don of the industry. If you don’t play by his rules, he destroys your career and life.” Furthermore, she stated if anything happens to her or her family, Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, Sumit Sabharwal, Sahil Sehgal, and Kumkum Sehgal should be considered responsible for it.

Earlier, Luviena shared a video on Instagram and aleged that filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has been trying to evict her from her house since she filed a case against him. In the video, Luviena Lodh said, “I am married to Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Sumit Sabharwal but have filed a divorce case because I came to know that he supplies drugs to actresses like Sapna Pabbi and Amyra Dastur. And Mahesh Bhatt is well aware about all this.”  

The Bhatts refused all allegations leveled against them by the actress and also filed a defamation suit on Monday in Bombay High Court seeking one crore rupees in damages from Lodh. Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt have also sought an order restraining her from making false claims against them in future. 


Reacting to the defamation suit, Luviena Lodh said, “Today, I appeared in the court at 3pm. In their plea, the Bhatt brothers said I should delete the video which I have uploaded on social media. They further added that the accusations which I have made against them are false but the court has told them that I shouldn’t be forced to delete videos. I am not making any defamatory statements. I am telling the truth and I stand by it.”

Luviena Lodh’s husband Sumit Sabherwal has also denied drug charges and has claimed that the names of filmmakers Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt are being sullied solely due to his pending matrimonial dispute with his wife.


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