Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi REVEALS ex-husband Gaurav Gupta ‘slept with…’

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Mandana Karimi and ex-husband Gaurav Gupta

Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Lock Upp’ is leaving no stone unturned to keep the audience glued to the controversial reality show. Many contestants are making some major revelations on the show. From revealing their darkest secrets to spilling the beans on their past-professional and personal life, contestants have so much to disclose. In a recent episode, wild card entrant Mandana Karimi opened up about her divorce with ex-husband Gaurav Gupta. She claimed that her Gupta has slept with ‘whoever she knows’.

During a conversation, Azma Fallah asked Mandana if she has a boyfriend, as the latter blushed, Azma started teasing her. Just when, Azma said she will get married by the age of 26-27, Mandana Karimi opened up about her separation with Gaurav Gupta. “I got married at 27. We dated for two and half years, got engaged. We were engaged for 7-8 months and then got married, which was court marriage. We lived together for eight months, and then it was just not good,” the actress said. ALSO READ: Lock Upp: Nisha Rawal gets evicted, host Kangana Ranaut saves Payal Rohatgi


“Then, we were separated for long. Divorce to abhi hua hai 2021 me. He pretended as though I didn’t even exist. We were separated. And, in those four years, he slept with whoever I knew,” she added. Expressing shock over the situation, Azma asked Mandana, ‘Including friends?’ to which the latter told, “Mere paas friends nahi hain (I do not have friends).” Asked why he did not divorce her earlier, Mandana replied, “it’s a long story, which is a part of my secret because no one knows in public. He just did not want to give me divorce.”

Also, Mandana revealed that before marriage, Gupta’s mother would send her doughnuts, flowers and would go for coffee, shopping. “Before marriage, we (Mandana and Gaurav’s mom) even went for coffee, shopping, parties, and spa sessions. She would ensure I never go out alone anywhere. Even if I did go out alone, she’d call up everyone there to ensure that I was actually at that place.” Lock Upp: Ali Mercchant always had dignity to not open up on his side of story, says mother


Later, she would stop me from talking to my girlfriends who were single. “You can’t talk to that girl, she’s a wh**e because she is single’ and now you are getting married. Why are you talking to these people? If I went anywhere alone, she made sure that she called everyone and checked if I was there. They changed and suddenly they were like, ‘salwar kameez pehno, mandir ke saamne baitho’,” Mandana expressed. 

Mandana Karimi, who married Gaurav Gupta in January 2017, further said “I then realised, no matter who the friends or family member are, if your partner doesn’t support you, you stand nowhere.”

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