Kangana Ranaut urges ‘city brats’ not to pollute Himachal Pradesh


Urging city brats not to pollute Spiti Valley with plastic, Kangana Ranaut tweeted ‘Come to Himachal but don’t throw plastic.’

Urging city brats not to pollute Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh with plastic, Kangana Ranaut on Wednesday taking to the Twitter said ‘Come to Himachal but don’t throw plastic.’ In her tweet she asked the travellers to not litter the place by dumping plastic waste like empty bottles, chip packets, as these things will instantly turn the beautiful valley into a dumpster.

The Panga actress replying to a photo of Spiti Valley, tweeted, “Come to Himachal Pardesh but don’t throw plastic around especially single used plastic like empty bottles and chips packets, this beautiful valley can be turned in to a big dumpster just in one day if couple of insensitive, ill mannered city brats reach there. Please don’t.”

Reacting to Kangana’s post, a user uploaded a photo of a train where a kid littered the surroundings and captioned it “I am sitting in a train right now…n this is what a kid has done in the compartment and his mother was sitting right beside him n nvr told not to litter in the train, they got off at the next stop n gave this gift to othrs, Little civic sense ppl have”

In another Tweet, mentioning that Himachal being one of the favorites among the filmmakers in terms of shooting locations, she said “Himachal has become a new favourite for film shoots as well, initially when I told people I am from Himachal people didn’t know much about it they judged me for coming from a remote village, commercially it’s a good development, let’s make it ecologically beneficial as well”

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