Kamya Panjabi slams Bigg Boss’ Sneha Wagh for remark on her failed marriages, gets trolled instead


Kamya Panjabi slams Bigg Boss’ Sneha Wagh for remark on her failed marriages, gets trolled instead

Actress Kamya Panjabi is known to never mince her words and often speaks her heart out. But recently she faced severe backlash on Twitter after she slammed television actor Sneha Wagh over reports claiming that she alleged she was ‘tortured’ in her second marriage and had to face domestic violence in her first. Several Twitter users condemned Kamya’s remark. 

For the unversed, Sneha, who is currently a contestant on Bigg Boss Marathi 3 was accused by Kamya of playing the ‘victim card’ and fabricating false narrative about her second husband.

Sharing a screenshot of Sneha’s interview, she wrote on Twitter, “u wanted 2 get into biggboss, good, u did but why play a victim card? Don’t knw abt ur 1st marriage but 2nd u dare not make these stories jus 4 da sake of da game! I can get the facts out u know it very well! Goodluck! Don’t play it dirty @the_sneha.”

Responding to Kamya’s post, one Twitter user asked her to ‘relax’ and wrote, “The way you’re attacking her, I thought your husband is her ex-husband. There’s a possibility that this might be her PR but so far she has not done anything questionable in the house. So you can relax.”


Kamya replied, “Ma’am, I was relaxed only till date, never said a word but she gave an interview before entering the house and the 2nd husband she is talking about is like my family! You expect me to keep my mouth shut knowing the truth? His family is so troubled after Sneha’s statement! I will take a stand for my friend!”

She further wrote, “And yes, if my husband would have been her ex-husband, I would have made sure that a defamation case is filed against her for maligning his image! For everyone who knows nothing about this should kindly stay away and wait till the time she comes out and clarifies this interview she gave!”

Several other users also slammed Kamya and criticised her for using terms like ‘victim card’ in her tweet for Sneha. 

Sneha Wagh, best known for performance in TV shows such as Jyoti and Chandrashekar, has been married twice. She divorced her first husband affter allegedly facing domestic violence in the marriage. Sneha Wagh had married Avishkar Darvhekar when she was 19. Avishkar is also a contestant on Bigg Boss Marathi 3. Seven years later she married interior designer Anurag Solanki in 2015.

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