Greys Anatomy to The Resident, 5 medical dramas that will leave you fascinated

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Greys Anatomy to The Resident, 5 medical dramas that will leave you fascinated

Being a doctor is one of the most challenging professions that exist, with the incredible power to save – a fellow human’s life. Along with the immense mental prowess, one must possess to undertake this demanding career, one must also navigate the fragile emotions of family members and the complicated power dynamics at play. If you’re sick of watching reality shows and sitcoms, these intense medical dramas are the perfect watch to get you lost in the world of scalpels and scrubs.

Here are 5 stellar medical dramas to binge-watch across various OTT platforms:

1. The Good Doctor Season 4

The intense series revolves around a young doctor with autism who is navigating the intricate structure of hospital hierarchies. From standoffish coworkers to the crushing pressure of his field, the series explores the many challenges the dedicated professional faces. Essayed by brilliant child actor Freddie Highmore, this series addresses the topic of autism with accuracy and destigmatizes common myths with its spot-on character portrayal. Catch the latest season that addresses the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic on Colors Infinity.

2. Greys Anatomy

One of the longest-running medical dramas on television, this powerful TV series is renowned for capturing the entire spectrum of human emotions, from devastating loss and immense joy. Set in Seattle, the series documents the lives of medical professionals, the intriguing cases they encounter and the complicated relationships between coworkers. Lauded for their inclusivity, the series remains a fan favorite across generations.


3. The Resident

Is it even a medical show if not chock full of drama? Exposing the harsh realities of the medical world, this series delves into politics, bad bosses and more as these novice doctors deal with the day-to-day challenges of the tough profession. From romance with coworkers to complex cases, this show has it all.



4. House M.D.

Centered around the Sherlock and Watson of the medical world, the series is lead by Gregory House, a brilliant but brash doctor who is plagued by his chronic pain caused by a surgery gone wrong. His team of specialists’ race against the clock as they work in the one-of-a-kind department of diagnostic medicine. Known for butting heads with his patients as well as administration, House’s biting wit and brilliant mind make this series beyond fascinating. 

5. Chicago Med

Set in the windy city of Chicago, this series is a part of the Chicago franchise, often crossing over with shows Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. It revolves around the accident and emergency department of a hospital, detailing the pressure doctors and nurses experience when dealing with the horrific cases of trauma they witness in the grueling department.




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