EXCLUSIVE | Singing on stage with Asha ji is super fun but stressful, reveals her grandson Chin2

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EXCLUSIVE | Singing on stage with Asha ji is super fun but stressful, reveals her grandson Chin2

Musician-singer-songwriter, Chin2 Bhosle, Asha Bhosle’s grandson, found his fame when he became part of the Band of Boys that is now disbanded. In an interview, Chin2 Bhosle talks about his learnings and how Asha Bhosle inspired him to become a guru at Furtados School of Music. He says that he wants to make people fall in love with music and to motivate everyone the way her ‘aai’ legendary Aasha Bhosle has inspired.

While working on music albums, he also formed Chin2 Musicworks, a music academy focused on children, which he later merged with Furtados School of Music, that is about the curriculum and teacher training.

 You have been lucky to be around Asha ji, how has she inspired you?

Aai’s (Ashaji) musical influence is a way of life. Music is not a profession or something you do once in a while. It’s all encompassing . . . It fills all that you do and become. It makes you laugh, cry, picks you up or allows you to express yourself. And that’s her influence on me. That’s what I’ve learned from just being around her. She still stresses for a recording. She still totally endeavours to get the take better than right. And she still does her riyaaz so that she can better herself!

 For those who do not have a mentor like Asha Bhosle, what message do you want to give?

Fortunately, though for me, while music is at the essence of who I am too, I didn’t follow in her footsteps. Like the musicians of the West (and all over the world actually) my being a musician, I like to write my own music and expression. So given this route that I’ve taken, I feel zero stress of living up to her legendary status! My style of singing and music is not something that most people would even associate with her – so the comparisons are very few and far between. Singing on stage with her however is super fun and stressful as you must get it point on with her else if you hit a wrong note, one look from her is enough to give you the shivers!


He also added “As a Guru and mentor with the Furtados School of Music, my main goal is to ensure that students have a fun, immersive and wholistic education experience. Because it’s important to love what you do, you will do more of it. And if you go deep into music and keep it close to your heart, no matter what you become in life (a doctor, pilot, digital entrepreneur, etc.) music will always make your mood right and equip you to face all the tough things that life throws at you. This is the biggest gift I think we can give our students and the best advice I can give to those wondering if they should study music. Study music the right way (Good educationist is the main key), falling in love with music will keep your mental health positive.

 Your future projects?

In Furtados school of music we have launched Learn buddy an extra ordinary teaching technology. the band is rather keen to start live shows once more. “We were working towards some new material pre-pandemic but all that came to a grinding halt in March last year. We did manage to release one song and are currently working on more. We are also constantly rehearsing as we have been getting enquiries and soon hope to start our live shows too. Alongside with the Band, we are also all pursuing our individual passions and interests and of course, struggling to keep up with all the new trends and things happening on social media today.”

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