Anything For Love: Upcoming episode of the show will prove that true love is not just blind but also deaf

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Anything For Love: Upcoming episode of the show will prove that true Love is not just blind but also deaf

Turning the Calendar page for another year, the onset of 2022 infuses a sense of optimism when it comes to love, but the true test of compatibility is no cap and full of challenges that couples need to overcome to emerge as the “One True Pair!”. Mimicry, Dung baths and jamming on the ukulele as an ode to love, this weekend’s episodes have it all! Here are the top moments from this weekend’s special episodes, that you must watch!


1. The Apple of one’s eye!

Sitting atop one’s partners shoulders and plucking fruits seems like the ultimate idea off romance! Mobility and compatibility of couples are tested in an adventurous task, ‘Girls On Top’ where female partners have to pluck apples while ensuring they don’t fall.


2. Kasturi & Anirudh’s hilarious Ukulele moment

A couple that jams together, stays together! Watch Kasturi’s and Anirudh’s attempt to prove this adage and Varun Thakur’s interesting take on it that leaves the audience in splits! Now that’s a dank moment!


3. One of the million times, Shah Rukh Khan played cupid!

The participating couple, Aishwarya and Neel revealed that they STAN SRK, the king of romance. The duo expressed their affection for the actor by dancing on his iconic songs Chaiya chaiya and Gerua. Their groovy dance movies brought Varun Thakur to the floor as well as they all danced to some hook steps of Shah-Rukh Khan!


4. Neel takes the Dung Bath challenge!


Neel was Dung-dunked! Quite literally, after the Risky Chakkar directed him to go through a dung bath; his spirit overcame the fear and smell as he accepted the challenge for his lady love Aishwarya! Certainly, the opposite of a glow-up for love! Watch the eww and sweet moment this weekend as Aishwarya spills the dung on Neel, quite literally!


5. Dhruv makes it official!

The Risky Chakkar is the ultimate test of love; In this weekend’s episodes, couple Dhruv & Sharleen overcome the wrath of the round when Dhruv is challenged to get Sharleen’s initials on his finger as a tattoo and he sportingly accepts it; watch Sharleen’s initials being etched forever on Dhruv’s finger on this weekend’s specials


Unwind after a hectic week and watch couples go through crazy challenges only on MTV Anything For Love, airing Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm.

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