Anurag Kashyap’s reaction if Aaliyah gets pregnant: ‘Whatever choices you make, I will accept it’


Anurag Kashyap’s reaction if Aaliyah gets pregnant: ‘Whatever choices you make, I will accept it’


Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliyah Kashyap has been in a relationship with Shane Gregoire. The avid social media user on Father’s Day featured her dad on her YouTube channel. In the video, Aaliyah asked Anurag questions sent by the fans. One of the questions was “What he thinks of her boyfriend Shane Gregoire?” To which he answered, “I like Shane. I like your choice in friends and your choice in boys. Shane is very good. He is very spiritual, very calm, he has a lot of qualities that men of 40 don’t have, in terms of being there in difficult situations.” Aaliyah met Shane on a dating app and duo recently celebrated one year of togetherness.

Anurag Kashyap answered all the questions right from whether he likes Shane or his reaction if Aaliyah gets pregnant. Anurag answered the question as to how would he react if his daughter called him while drunk. He said, “You have done that a lot. Every time, you have dialled me from a cupboard… You have sat inside a cupboard and talked to me. In the party, you have made me say hi to all your friends and talk to everyone, and you have made everyone say dialogues from Gangs of Wasseypur.” She added, I have done that because he is quite fun to talk to when you are drunk”.

Aaliyah asked a few awkward questions. She asked how Anurag would react if she told him that she was pregnant. “I will ask you, Are you sure you want this? And whatever you choose to do, I will always go with it, you know that,” he answered. 


“I will accept it. Whatever choices you make. I would absolutely tell you that there is a price to pay for it but at the end of it, I will still be there,” the filmmaker added.

When asked if he is okay with girls hanging out with their male friends, Anurag replied, “I think it’s okay, everything is fine. I think a lot of these questions come from our parents’ reaction to kids. But I think parents need to understand that they come from an India that does not exist anymore. It’s in their heads and in small towns, still there, but we were much more repressed than our kids are. Our kids are much more expressive and they will communicate, and I think we need to stop imposing ourselves on them.”

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For those unversed, Aaliyah Kashyap is the daughter of filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and his ex-wife, film editor Aarti Bajaj. 

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