‘Congress today’s Mughals…need to rewrite history: Assam CM in Karnataka

‘Congress today’s Mughals…need to rewrite history: Assam CM in Karnataka

Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said Thursday that Congress party is the new era Mughals, alleging that it works to weaken India.

Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma addressing an event at Shivaji Maharaj Garden in Karnataka’s Belgavi on Thursday.(ANI)

“Congress is today’s new Mughals…they object to Ram Mandir…why? Are they kids of Mughals? Why do they support Babri Masjid but never speak in favour of Ram Mandir…” he said while addressing a public rally in poll-bound Karnataka .

The rally, meant for ‘Shiva Charithe’, was held at Shivaji Maharaj Garden in Karnataka’s Belgavi.

The Assam CM also said that Hindus must take as much pride in their religion as other communities like Muslims and Christans do. Accusing the Congress party of defining Indian history through Mughal rulers, Sarma said the existing history was wrongly portrayed and that it needs to be re-written.

He blamed the Congress party as well as “communist” historians for hyping up the rule of ‘Mughals’ such as Aurangzeb and Babur and asserted that new India will become stronger based on the values of Sanatan dharma and Shivaji Maharaj.

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“Communist historians wrongly portrayed that Aurangzeb had ruled all over India…but today we need to re-write history…we must tell that Shivaji Maharaj was 100 times more powerful than the Mughal ruler…” the Assam CM said, adding that he wants to convey to “the communists and the Congress that Indian history is not defined by Aurangzeb…it does not belong to Babur….It belongs to leaders such as Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh…”


Hailing the rule of Shivaji, Sarma further said, “Mughal invaders like Aurangzeb tried to destroy sanatana dharma…but to defeat him, mother India gave birth to Shivaji…which is why aurangzeb could never destroy Sanatan dharma…”

Affirming that new India will rise under the Narendra Modi government, Sarma heaped praises on the BJP-led NDA government for establishing Ram Mandir in place of Babri Masjid and said this will create India’s new history.

He further stated that the new India’s accomplishments also include its economic rise, surpassing the United Kingdom, its self-reliance in vaccine manufacturing, and conducting surgical strikes in Pakistan among other things.

Himanta’s remarks came as political parties are gearing up their poll preparations in Karnataka where assembly elections are due this year.

The poll dates are yet to be announced.


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