With An Objective To Instill The Right Trading Education, Anish Singh Thakur Aims To Reach Out To The Whole Nation

Anish Singh Thakur’s work has been a masterpiece. A Stock Market Coach by profession, Anish Singh Thakur has an astounding sense of financial knowledge and strives to spread the same among Indians. With an objective to instill the right trading education among his fellow citizens, his YouTube handle is a very popular source of inspiration and guidance that is helping him to realize this dream. One of the fastest-growing channels on the platform, Anish Singh Thakur’s channel, Booming Bulls has everything for beginners to professionals with advanced knowledge.

A learner professional, Anish Singh Thakur has aced the art of trading and currently aspires to spread this skill among all. The largest democracy, India has many financial enthusiasts who yearn to make more money day by day. However, with the lack of financial education, this dream rests in the clouds only! Yet a trader like Anish Singh Thakur is reaching out to millennials and youngsters to boost their knowledge about trading and to educate them for future ventures. A trader himself, he has been in the field for over a long time and is well-versed with the stock market and the risks that come along.

More than anything else, he wishes to make an impact across the nation as his sole aim is to empower people in terms of trading and provide them with the right trading knowledge to develop their own trading skills. With over a million followers subscribed to his channel on YouTube, he has been putting up highly educational and helpful videos that energize the youth from all around the country. By analysing stocks and sharing helpful information like no one else, he has become one of the most followed traders who is now heading on to make a large-scale influence. It is his mind that fuels him with so much energy to energize others and enlighten them with trading knowledge. Ever since his teenage, he had been interested in trading and learning about the share market. Guided on the right path by his willingness and ability, he made it to the top of the field.

Today, he wishes to share the same guidance and confidence with the millions who love to see and also benefit from his trading videos. He has been a source of inspiration and knowledge for all as he made a complicated subject like trading much easier for the layman to understand and practice. An aid to all those who wish to invest and make more money out of the stock market, he has a dynamic style of educating and informing others. A professional who belongs to the field himself, he has so much to share and educate about. From basics for beginners to advanced levels of trading , one can find almost anything on his YouTube channel and online sessions. In a world where people are working hard to earn more money and multiply their hard-earned cash, his objective of inspiring people to do smart work is different and unique, and undoubtedly trustworthy!

You can check their website – http://boomingbulls.com



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