Wholesome Entrepreneur Dr. Sajeev Nair Goes Personal With AI-Based Lifestyle App Backed By Suniel Shetty

When Bollywood biggie Suniel Shetty, also one of the wisest investors in the country, puts his money on you, it means only one thing – you are on the right path! It is this inherent confidence that defines Kochi-based health-entrepreneur Sajeev Nair’s broad smile these days. Thanks to his newly launched start-up Vieroots Wellness Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (VWS), a company registered in 2018 and already estimated to be Rs. 100 crores in value, that smile just got wider! While putting his weight behind VWS, Shetty said, “I could relate to the company’s core values and innovative thought-process in the wellness category, hence, the decision to invest.”

Those who know Sajeev closely would be able to see this endorsement as much for his latest venture as well as for himself as a person and a businessman.

The Super Human

Dr. Sajeev Nair is a renowned serial entrepreneur, who is a peak performance consultant as well. For years, he has been attracted to personalized healthcare and its impact on an individual’s peak performance. Though he has delved into multiple domains so far, be it network marketing or direct selling, his national stature is thanks to his being a “born motivator”, swear his family and friends! His magical trademark methodology, Thought Process Reengineering (TPR), has worked wonders on hundreds of employees across hundreds of enterprises across India and the Middle East. In addition, his unique “Rise Up Conventions” also propagate the benefits of his work as a Peak Performance Consultant across a wider audience. Those who have attended these Conventions are all praise for this sensory feast, which provides the audience a “visual, auditory and Kinesthetic” experience, bringing about rapid transformations in the people’s mindset.

The Serial Entrepreneur

Despite being so personally involved in the general wellbeing of individuals and groups, Sajeev still finds out time and money to invest in a plethora of companies in sectors like IT, Education, Hospitality, and much more. Most of these ventures are already reaping the benefits of the start-up wave in their respective domains, thus, increasing Sajeev’s credibility in the eyes of the world. Sajeev is a double postgraduate in Chemistry and Business and as a bio-hacker too, Sajeev has carved new milestones by trying out promising Ayurvedic techniques on his own body before further tweaking these to perfection for the benefit of others. The wisdom that he gathered being a bio-hacker all comes together in his book, “The Making of a Superhuman”. This book is the fruit of Sajeev’s years of hard work, pushed by the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.

A Prolific Author

It is no surprise that this maverick is a peak performer himself. He is not only well-read and well-traveled but also a prolific author of several motivational as well as scientific books, in English and Malayalam languages. His popular YouTube channel, sajeevnair, boasts of more than 110K subscribers, who swear by his motivational videos and enticing delivery style as he talks about upcoming business trends, secrets to wellness, self-improvement, etc. He is a real livewire on the stage too! No wonder, the person who is on a mission to help others achieve their “Peak Performance” is gaining new heights himself in terms of being a truly motivational figure.

With the Vieroots Wellness Solutions being formally launched on November 1st, another one of the ambitious projects of this wellness enthusiast is coming full circle and in doing so, it is surely going to transform the lives of hundreds of men and women struggling with their current physical & mental health. All thanks to Health & Wellness Guru Dr. Sajeev Nair!

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