Subodh Godara – Who has improved and changed the life of thousand peoples

Health has become an important matter of discussion these days, we all know how lazy people have become sitting back at their homes doing absolutely nothing all day. And the ones who do have a job prefer to do it mostly at one corner of their house or being seated in the same place, previously used to have at least a little amount of body activity by travelling some amount of distance. It is not just the fact that people have gained weight, in general, two people struggle a lot with maintaining a healthy diet and also healthy body weight, in taking the wrong amount of fibre and protein. This is because of the lack of right kind of information available on the Internet and other sources.

Subodh Godara is the youngest nutrient expert of Haryana, the young fitness freak. Born and brought up in Haryana, Subodh Godara is an 18-year-old fitness influencer who has improved and changed the life of thousands with his accurate fitness advice, diet charts and the ways of not just increasing weight but also decreasing it in a healthy way.

People who are underweight face a lot of problems in their lives, we find from proper statistics that the chances of having certain disabilities and even having a common weakness issue is prominent among such people. One of the most prominent risks are infertility and vitamin deficiency that can lead to a decreased immune function, and these days you cannot certainly afford to risk your immunity since there is a virus completely on the go. Therefore, how can you gain some healthy weight by making use of natural resources, not just taking steroids and in taking protein shakes?

All these questions are answered in very tactful ways by Subodh Godara, he might be pretty young but he has a lot of experience in fitness programmes and nutrition diets. It was his interest in gaining weight naturally that led him to following a particular diet chart and remaining committed towards it, although he enjoyed junk food, he had a longer vision and thus he managed to even give that up. Similarly, every person who comes up to him for his consultancy placed in Haryana itself, he gives them his all but if the individual is unable to follow such restrictions, they will certainly not be able to find positive results. Hence we obtained from here that a person can make use of the best possible resource and the best fitness trainer, but ultimately it counts down to their own efforts.

With a lot of personal experience, Subodh Godara does not speak out of simple theoretical knowledge, he has practically experienced an increase in his own weight from 42 kgs to 81 KG, by simply following a natural habit and working out regularly, without making the use of external supplements.

Not just a nutrition expert, but also of fitness influencer at its finest, Subodh Godara has a very long way ahead and he is not going to make it on his own, he is going to carry along all the people who want to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Instagram : @subodh.godara

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