SATMAT Group partnership with ICICI bank as its official API partner

To provide people with better financial services and to facilitate payment services, Fintech service provider Satmat Group registered as SATMAT Technologies Pvt. Ltd has partnered with ICICI Bank to offer banking-as-a-service API. An API is a programming interface that lets you interact with third-party services using simple instructions.

When done well, API portals create a great place for financial services organisations to share, collaborate, promote and discover APIs, helping to propagate better quality APIs, more choice, and keep up-to-date in the fast-paced API world.

Some of the services provided are CIB Payment API, IPAY API, Composite API, iSurepay API, eCollection API, IMPS API, IPAY and eCollection H2H API, UPI Collection API, AEPS Aadhaar Enabled Payment System and BBPS (BHARAT BILL PAYMENT SYSTEM), a product of NPCI. Anyone from a businessman to a regular customer across the globe can avail these services through SATMAT Group. In the wake of a global pandemic, access to these online services have proved to be a blessing for both banks and its customers.

Talking about his new product, Mr Rohit Ugale, the Founder and CEO of SATMAT Group says, “In addition to serve consumers anywhere in a personalised way and to ease the financial banking process, we are offering unique API transactions to push our customers towards convenience and to monetize businesses across the globe”.

SATMAT Group with its new API services offers the best of both worlds—conventional bank’s trust, protection and security, agility, creativity, and seamless user comfort.

With its inception in 2017, SATMAT GROUP is well known for providing software development services and Fintech services to young entrepreneurs and Start Ups across the globe. The company also strives to extend financial support and services to businessmen and startups so that they can scale up their operations.

Hailing from Nashik (situated in Pune), this young entrepreneur has become an inspiration for the youth, who aspire to launch their own businesses. With his extraordinary skills and strategies, Mr Rohit has effectively been able to build a strong brand for the company making it the fastest growing IT company. His company has provided more than 2600 software websites to various entrepreneurs and startups across the globe. His initiative of giving free services to build and support startups have been hailed commendable by his clients.

Mr Rohit’s remarkable success has made Satmat a network of over 1.5 lakh entrepreneurs and individuals, across 200 cities in India. The company has a vibrant list of eminent clients from various market segments including E-commerce, Utilities, Google, Telecom, Management and Fintech and Banking.

SATMAT Group of technologies is coming up with its new venture in Lucknow that will be headed by Mr Amit Chaurasiya, an Associate partner of SATMAT envisioned towards bringing more efficiency and recognition for the company.

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