Raipur-based entrepreneur Yash Tuteja stays in the race with social media for the healthy sustainability of his ventures

To doubt the power of social media in today’s time is to doubt the power of oxygen in life. It has become a need in day-to-day operations. One cannot imagine life without social media platforms as it has helped them connect to users from all over the world. Almost two decades ago, when smartphones were not a thing, people waited at telephone booths to connect to their loved ones. However, the upsurge of social media has changed the game altogether. Not only it has made communication easier, but also a variety of businesses are getting benefitted from the rising demand for social media.

The ever-changing demand for social media has witnessed his ventures going on another level. Mr. Tuteja is currently managing Meenakshi Salon and Academy that is spread across Chhattisgarh. Yash Tuteja’s other successful venture is Tuteja Academy, a coaching institute that was established in 1991. Witnessing the trends of marketing, the entrepreneur feels that social media has exceeded everyone’s expectations by leaps and bounds.

Ever since Yash imbibed social media into his business ventures, they have flourished tremendously. In a time where digital change has disrupted everything, the traditional methods of marketing are taking a backseat. For the same, the entrepreneur went on to say that an official website has become a new way of introducing the business. “If you see, the visiting cards have now become a thing of the past. We are walking with the latest trends, and it has turned out to be beneficial for our businesses”, he said.

The entrepreneur believes that social media has helped his businesses grow 2x times. Speaking about the same, he revealed, “It has helped us reach potential target customers and has even increased brand awareness. Apps like Instagram and Facebook have made people know about our brand, and the online reviews have done their part in boosting the sales.” Moreover, Yash feels that the exposure his brands has got on social media has made it easy to track what the competitors are doing. “We are in a constant urge to be the best than the contemporaries, and the internet has done that part for us seamlessly”, Yash added.

When asked if he would like to explore any new part of social media marketing, the entrepreneur said that he is keen to implement influencer marketing. Well, this form of marketing has done wonders for many brands. This trend has seen many influencers collaborating with brands and making it go gaga over the internet. The tech-savvy that Mr. Tuteja is, he always loves to experiment and include newness in his business operations. During the pandemic when most of the businesses saw a downfall, Yash Tuteja kept the momentum going by building the presence of the brands digitally. With this approach, he has successfully managed to execute this strategy with finesse.

To be a part of the heartening journey of Mr. Tuteja, connect with him on Instagram – @yashtuteja1

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