Oops! Tanishq does it again, pulls down Diwali commercial after massive backlash on social media

Mumbai/ New Delhi: Tata group’s jewellery brand Tanishq has yet again landed in a soup after it’s Diwali advertisement featuring actors Neena Gupta, Nimrat Kaur, Sayani Gupta and Alaya F received massive backlash on social media.

This comes in less than a month after jewellery brand had to pull down an advertisement for allegedly hurting religious sentiments.

“I’m hoping to meet my mom after really long, definitely not firecrackers. I don’t think anybody should light any firecrackers, but lot of diyas,” Sayani Gupta says in the ad released across social media platforms last Thursday.

However, the advertisement did not go down well with a section of social media users, who took offence at message of the advertisement to avoid firecrackers during Diwali.

“Why should anyone advise Hindus how to celebrate Our Festivals? Companies must focus on selling their products, not lecture us to refrain from bursting Crackers,” BJP National General Secretary C T Ravi tweeted.

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This comes within a month of Tanishq pulling down an ad featuring an inter-faith couple after being trolled by some netizens.

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