No waiting list! All rail tickets to be confirmed: Check out Indian Railways’ mega 2030 plan

New Delhi: When the Indian Railway’s mega National Rail Plan (NRP) 2030 is put in place, passengers will have the most peaceful time as they will not have to worry about confirmed tickets.

The Indian Railways is preparing a National Rail Plan 2030 which will be out for Public Consultations and feedback from Stakeholders and various ministries. NRP 2030 aims to provide confirmed rail tickets to every passengers implying that there will be no waitlisted tickets.

Among other things, the National Rail Plan 2030 will also focus on building infra and generating more revenues for the Indian Railways- such that capacity is beyond the demand.

NRP 2030 implementation will lead Railways to increase the Freight loading and revenues. Railway is targetting for Railway freight movement of 47% of the total freight movement in country. Railway plans to build 4 more Dedicated Freight Corridor by 2030

The New Freight Corridor will be developed on PPP (Public Private Partnership) model. Railways freight transit time will drastically reduce this helping Railways to rationalize the Freight tariffs.

In October this year, sources told Zee Media that Indian Railways is busy preparing a detailed policy to run private freight trains on the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC). The new policy is likely to include several special steps to woo private players. Private freight trains will run on 2800 km of Western and Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor. 

The preparations by Indian Railways are being made to attract big sector players from Steel, Iron Ore, Textile, and Auto. The key players from these sectors include Tata, Adani, Mahindra, and Maruti.

Sources further said that 11 km DFC track will be ready by March 2021, to run the private freight trains. The target is to prepare and commission the entire 2800 km DFC track by March 2022. In the case of long-term contracts, e-commerce companies like Amazon or Flipkart can also come forward to run the private freight trains, sources said.

Indian Railways still has a provision to run private freight trains or private containers, but so far, only a few big players from Coal or Steel sectors book entire trains or all containers in small numbers. 

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The majority of private players are away from it, and only companies like SAIL and Jindal Steel book such private trains.


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