Meet Activist Dr. Dibyajyoti Saikia, who is on a mission to create progressive Society

It is through thousands of individuals’ combined effort and dedication that creates a society worth living in. Serving the people is the ultimate one can do in its lifetime. From time to time, many people try to do so but cannot continue for a longer time as it needs a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Maybe there will be very less people who have sacrificed their all for the sake of serving the Community. Dr. Dibyajyoti Saikia, a national human rights, social activist and peace worker who have sacrificed many things in his life to work for Society.

Having extensive experience of 21 years working on ground zero, social activist, motivational speaker and a thought leader, Dr. Dibyajyoti Saikia is on a mission to create an anti-drug, anti-terrorism and anti-superstition society. He has been working tirelessly to create awareness drives and sensitization programs across the country over a range of issues to reestablish peace and communal harmony

Dr. Dibyajyoti Saikia, who was born in Assam, is a complete talent package. He is a national-level human rights & social activist and a thought leader and has acted in daily television soaps, but his desire to do something for the country made him what he is today.

Dr. Dibyajyoti Saikia feels that despite the country marching ahead in the 21st century, still, a large segment of our people are in the clutches of superstitious practices. Needless to say, many crimes stem from such malpractices. Administrative machinery along with Law and order is needed to reform the social evils and eliminate them, also simultaneous work on ground zero is needed to create awareness against such ill practises which have no place in a modern progressive society.

Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia feels in such circumstances, effective awareness drives can play a major role in promoting scientific temperament and rational thinking among the masses. He is one such activist, who has led countless such awareness drives in the far-flung rural pockets of Assam, Manipur, Arunachal-Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh.

At the policy level too, social activist Dr Saikia is vocal about bringing in the required policy reforms. His noted work has been published in many national and international media organizations such as Al Jazeera, Time Magazine, USA Today, Global Post etc. Dr. Saikia is also a motivational speaker and trains the various organizational leaders, youth leaders, district-level leaders, village defense party leaders, and community leaders so that they can reach out to the general people of the district and literate them. Activist Dr. Dibyajyoti Saikia is also the visiting lecturer of Assam Police Training Centre (College at Dergaon, Assam) for DSP categories.

For his hard work and commitment to eliminate social evils from the Society, “The Assam Witch Hunting Prohibition, Prevention & Protection Act 2015” was finally established. The act, so far, has already given justice to many such victims. In every possible way, he helps the victims to reestablish and restart a new chapter in their life.

For nearly two decades, he rescues nearly 150 witch victims and relentlessly raises his voice against Superstition. Not only he helped rescue many victims of superstitions and communal violence with the help of state police, but he also helped in their rehabilitation.

For his immense contribution to Society, the thought leader, Dr. Dibyajyoti Saikia, has been recognized nationally and internationally. To date, he has received more than 96 such awards and recognitions, which include prestigious awards like Babu Jagjivanram Rashtriya Smiriti Sanman, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika National Peace Award, Maulana Azad National Award, Gandhi Peace Ambassador International Award, Nelson Mandela International Award, Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam Rastra Ratna Award, Sant Gadge Baba Karmabhumi Purashkar, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Excellent Humanity and Peace Award, Tilka Majhi Rashtriya Samman, Global Peace Council Award, India Star Icon Award and International Education Award, Rastra Prerna Award, World constitution and Parliament Association Award from the USA etc.

He is a prestigious member of the World Constitution & Parliament Association as an international Member, World Human Rights Protection Commission (USA) member, Team Anna National Core Committee member, Executive Member of Anubrata Mahasamiti, Chief Advisor of SYT Youth Wing of Asom Sattra Mahasabha etc. He pursues with different people of the country and ethnic groups to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood between different communities of Assam and within the country.

With so much selfless service and immense contributions to Society, Dr. Dibyajyoti Saikia is someone the people of this country must look up to. His aim- a drug, crime, and superstitious free Society. Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia is committed to continue his great work to restore peace & humanity. His strong dedication to making a better tomorrow is commendable. 

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