Luxury brand Caviar comes with PlayStation 5, covered in 4.5 kg of gold, costs Rs 3.6 crore

Sony PlayStation 5 is not just a gaming console but much more than that in the gaming world. The console was launched by the Japanese technology giant in November 2020. Russian luxury product company Caviar has launched a gold plated Play Station 5!

Oh yes, Caviar has done it again. The Russian company is week know for coming up with luxurious alternatives of popular products. Caviar in the past has raised the heat by launching luxurious smartphones, phone cases and audio accessories. These are not meant for regular people, and hold some value to them. 

Caviar has used 4.5 kilograms of 18K gold in making a single unit of their version of Sony Play Station 5. The company will be producing 9 such units and the price starts at $4,99,000. Yes! you rear it right, it costs $4,99,000 (Rs. 3,61,88,428). Caviar likes to call it “Golden Rock”. 

It will take around four months to get one unit ready and the Russian company has joined hands with a jewellery contractor to produce the gold chassis of the gaming console. The gaming controllers are made using original crocodile leather which is painted in black.

Caviar released a statement in which the company said “Since December 28, the company has received 1,342 applications for the new product. Among those who showed interest in Golden Rock was the famous basketball player LeBron James, the company also received inquiries from a well-known Russian businessman living outside Russia and an equally famous American businessman in the IT field, whose names are not to be disclosed.”

The product has created a stir despite carrying such a hefty price tag and has received 1342 applications from around the world. The application consists of many high profile personalities belonging to the business class. It is said that basketball superstar LeBron James has filled and application for the same among others. 

Caviar has a product to suit everyone’s taste and those who are not so much attracted by the gold, can opt for the carbon version. The Sony PlayStation5 Carbon version is covered in automobile grade fine carbon fibre and black leather. There is another model which is called Sony PlayStation 5 Alligator which gets genuine alligator leather.

The Sony PlayStation5 Carbon version is priced at $5,830 (approx. Rs. 4,22,000) and the Sony PlayStation 5 Alligator is priced at $8,140 (approx. Rs. 5,89,000). 

All of these models are based on the Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition which does not get an optical disc drive. The company will be making 99 models of them, so hurry up and get your console before it goes out of stock. 

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