Health Supplements Industry on the Rise, Leading Fitness Company Pigi Observes Sales Surge!

Health Supplements industry in the country and globally has been going strong and steady for a few years now with increasing popularity for nutrition supplements in fields like fitness, bodybuilding, professional athletics and general health. Though there have been ample endorsements for deriving the essential nutrient intake from balanced consumption of natural foods, the necessity and irreplaceability of health supplements cannot be undermined. The industry has witnessed a high rise in its sales figures over the past few years in light of people’s growing awareness and consciousness towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Pigi, the leading health and fitness company, has been a real game changer in the field with its top-notch online supplement store, offering a wide variety of health and bodybuilding supplements. With a guarantee of 100% authentic products that are of the finest quality being made easily available to the customers at a highly competitive market price, the brand’s success is no surprise.

As it often becomes difficult to get the right number of vitamins, mineral and other vital nutrients, from our usual diet, while balancing out the sufficient amount of calories, protein and carb intake, health supplements have become very important. Moreover, with numerous health issues cropping up pertaining to the deteriorating environmental conditions and rising stress and anxiety levels of the people, health supplements offer worthwhile solutions to many such problems at once.

Aashil Garg, Founder, Pigi, was quoted as saying, “Started with the vision to provide completely reliable, safe and natural supplements to the customers, Pigi has now come a long way in transforming

the market for the better. It has encouraged people to think, analyse and invest in their health wisely while focusing on a holistic approach and not losing sight of long-term effects of any supplements on their body. The success of the company lies in being extremely transparent about its products while also educating the people about genuine products and how to never fall prey to the fake ones.”

Recently, the brand has experienced a massive rise in its sales with increasing demand for its flagship products. Pigi offers a wide variety of products including whey protein powders, whey protein isolate powders, mass gainers, weight gain supplements, muscle building supplements, pre workout, multivitamins, bcaa, post workout, glutamine, fat burner, zma, creatine monohydrate, amino powder, omega 3 fish oil, sleep support supplements etc. The brand had originally reached a whopping 50 crores annual run rate (pre covid figures) in just 2 years, that were bootstrapped and cash profitable. Post the amazing response to its products, Pigi also launched Redscience Nutrition exclusively in the sports nutrition category and then, Greenscience Naturals in the ayurvedic supplements category.

Mr. Garg added, “The notable surge in our sales figures, despite the covid situation, speaks volumes of an overwhelming acceptance of our products in the market and trust in our brand from the customers. We will continue to innovate and provide premium quality products for the people.”

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