EPFO’s Women’s Day celebrations: Overtime work to clear all pending claims of women members

New Delhi: Retirement fund body EPFO’s Delhi West office worked on last weekend to settle all pending claims of women subscribers marking International Women Day on Monday.

Women officials were supported by their male counterparts in this exercise, said Uttam Prakash Regional Provident Fund Commissioner Delhi west. All social security claims of women were processed or settled to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Talking to PTI, Prakash said that “100 per cent claims of Women processed to celebrate International Women’s Day at EPFO Delhi West.”

The women officials at the EPFO Delhi West office located in Dwarka, took a unique challenge to celebrate International Women’s day.

This was in line of the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge. Women enthusiastically chose the challenge to liquidate all women claims.

Thus, no claim of a women worker remained waiting for processing beyond 24 hours.

To meet this challenge, the office worked on the weekend processing more than 10,000 claims including some 4,000 women claims, he informed.

This was an example of women-led initiative enthusiastically supported by their male counterparts.

This event was celebrated through a Facebook live programme attended by Neelam Sanghi, Additional Central Provident Commissioner (HQ) heading the Customers Services Division of EPFO and Neha Vyas, Senior Environment Specialist at The World Bank.

Speaking on the occasion, Neelam Sanghi said that it is a unique idea of EPFO Delhi West to celebrate by disposing all PF claims of women today (Monday).

The celebration is a well-earned event of team spirit and the resolve of the women to lead.

Vyas said that relevance of social protection has gained momentum during Covid times. Social security financing is high on the agenda of global institutions including the World Bank.

The role of EPFO during Covid times has been widely appreciated and the efficiency here is a challenge to the private sector which is normally believed to be more efficient.

Prakash said that in the true spirit of what our Prime Minister says, “it is time for women to led development and not mere women development.”

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The women at Delhi West have truly led by example. Equally notable is the helping hand of all men who smilingly came forward to achieve this unique feat, he added.


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