Bengali Portal Newz Short aims to cut the clutter around news

Amidst the cacophony of news debates, raucous conversations, and harmful decibel levels, there is a regional news portal, in the Bengali language, which is attempting to rescue your eyes & ears from all that damage by giving you pure news to read, in a short form. The unique digital portal, Newz Short, enables its viewers to enjoy news at their own pace, that too within just 10 seconds. The portal, inaugurated by Mr. Jagdeep Dhankar, Governor of West Bengal, is launched by the renowned digital media platform, Bangla Hunt.

What makes Newz Short different from its competitors is that it delivers breaking news at a fast pace in a concise form, so that you can read the news important to you on the go.

Bangla Hunt is known for presenting the most unbiased and credible information to its six million viewers per month. Founded on February 21, 2017, by revolutionary duo Udayan Biswas and Krishna Chandra Garain, the news publication remains true to its mission, which is to “present the news in the most interesting and exciting manner.”

What makes Newz Short unique as well is that it doesn’t compromise on the credibility of the news the way hundreds of other news publications do it, owing to the ongoing trend of 24×7 news format. Krishna Chandra, Founder of Newz Short, sharing his insight in this case, said, “In this digital era, maximum newspapers, TV channels and digital portals provide news with their own opinion and agenda. But we want to change this, and our main aim is to provide uncut and unbiased news to the readers. So that the readers can read the news, and take their own opinion in every matter.”

Apart from the short news items, the portal will also present quality video content for viewers to see. In fact, with its ‘share’ feature, viewers can instantly share the highlights with their friends on social media. In short, Newz Short is designed to be your one-stop destination for your regular dose of news, information and knowledge.

Bangla Hunt Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. is a fast-growing regional news portal with a team of 30 employees. The present CEO of the company, Krishna Chandra is optimistic about Newz Short’s future, as he says, “I am really grateful to have a mentor like Harish Chandra Mourya (Examdays). Under his mentorship, I am sure the Bengali readers would enjoy their daily dose of news and views with us.”


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