Amit Jain: Hitting Master Strokes With Chateauvince Solitaires And Jewelry

Chateauvince Solitaires and Jewelry is a renowned name among the jewellery lovers, with their exquisite collections of uncut, fashionable and traditional jewellery that has the newest trends imprinted on them. It has been a long journey for this jewellery brand to make a place in the hearts among the many who appreciate jewellery.

Chateauvince Solitaires and Jewelry was founded in the year 2017, by the CEO and founder of the company, Amit Jain. This man of big dreams had started this company out of his pure love for jewellery and the passion that drove him forward. The jewellery collections that were handpicked by himself came out of his basic idea that the jewellery should be able to complement the beauty of whoever it is that wears the ornament. With this in mind he ensured that every piece of jewellery that he presents were of the top quality and insisted on repeated checking with professionals to pick out the perfect ones close to 100.

Chateauvince sources it’s products from different parts of the world like, Hongkong, Tahiri, Japan, France, Italy and different parts of India. The diamonds used in his jewellery are certified by the world’s best gemological lab, IGI. Even though he tries to bring the various fashion trends reflected in his jewellery models, he ensures that at least half of the collection represents the traditions and culture from various parts of the country. He tries to bring the ethnicity and classic touch of the temple jewellery in many of his collections.

The inspiration to Amit Jain’s passionate approach towards his jewellery business is nothing short of love for the work that he does. He says, “To put your heart and soul into something that you constantly do, one must be aware of his potential, inborn passion and the challenges that he might have to face on his way. I was quite aware of everything concerned with this business of mine. I’ve never even once turned back on it, when I doubted if I was missing out on basic enjoyments. My love with jewellery and the honesty towards it is what makes me move forward with determination.”

Through Chateauvince Solitaires and Jewelry, he wants to create an impact on the minds of generations of people who use ornaments to enhance their beauty. He believes, more than the touch of beauty it presents, it’s more of an identity of a cultural significance and the happiness it puts on someone’s face, when they wear it on them. Putting customer’s happiness into prime focus, Amit Jain is never ready to compromise on the quality of the jewellery that he puts up for sale. As it represents the branding of his business through several decades, he insists on providing the best in the market with almost zero faults. Amit Jain also has an in-house team with his company that designs jewellery according to customer demands, which is also one of the reasons his company stands in the forefront of jewellery business.

As a result of his constant hard work and determination in running his jewellery business, he has been awarded the prestigious “National Gratitude award 2020” for the ethical jewellery business in India. Amit Jain, also had the fortune to receive “Entrepreneur Excellence Award” for the best ethical jewellery business 2019. Chateauvince Solitaires and Jewelry has also received the “Golden Glory Award” for excellence in Diamond and Hallmark and Gold jewellery in India.

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