Akhil Turai: The Founder of Space Science LLC

Space Science LLC was founded by Akhil Turai in November 2020 and aims to educate young people about space science through various interactive elements. The creator of Space Science LLC, Akhil Turai, is just twenty-six years old, and he has a fascinating educational background which led him to where he is currently. Today we are going to discover more about Akhil Turai’s upbringing and what led him to create Space Science LLC.

Akhil Turai – His Educational Background

For any aspiring aerospace engineer, Akhil Turai is an inspirational role model. However, his route to where he is today is a little different from what you may expect. He dropped out of university twice during his time in education. Throughout his educational career, he shifted majors from electronics engineering to chemical technology, before finally settling on aerospace engineering.

He first became interested in space at the age of nine, when he was fascinated by Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. However, he never believed it was something he could pursue as a career, until 2014 when his passion for space was reignited. Akhil Turai then enrolled in an online Astrophysics program with the Australian National University before completing his major in Aerospace Engineering on campus. His unusual route to his current success teaches young people that they should keep experimenting with new ideas during their education before settling on the field they are most passionate about.

Space Science LLC

Space Science LLC was conceived on 11/11/2020 and was then officially incorporated the next day in Delaware, U.S. The company aims to help young people learn more about the field of space science. This will be achieved through interactive gaming apps, quizzes,

competitions, and much more. While one of its biggest focuses is astrophysics and astronomy for young people, it’s also open to the general public of all ages. Kids and adults will be able to explore our incredible universe with telescopes for stargazing.

Akhil Turai aims to create a world in which space is part of the education of young people so that the industry will continue to grow for years to come. As an aerospace engineer himself, finding interactive and enjoyable ways to get future generations involved is what he believes is the key to developing future space scientists and engineers. He hopes to encourage children and teenagers to further develop their education through fun and interactive learning tools.

Space is a field that is often overlooked within regular school curriculums but is something that is fascinating to young boys and girls around the world. To help incentivize learning, Space Science LLC will run incredible competitions such as the Space Science Olympiad. The first prize for winning this event includes meeting a NASA astronaut, so as you can imagine, this is going to encourage many youngsters to further their education.

Akhil Turai is dedicated to the development of the aerospace industry and is also working to shape the future of planetary defense. As an ambitious young aerospace engineer himself, Akhil Turai will no doubt continue to inspire the younger generation to follow in his footsteps and consider a career within the field.

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