15 years and ACETECH with SUMIT GANDHI leading the path shines brighter amongst the top expos in INDIA

Looking back at an incredible legacy rooted in family-run business values, ABEC began its journey in 1996 and down the years has positioned itself at the forefront of the Indian event industry spearheaded by brothers. Sumit and Manish Gandhi, who have embodied their late father’s admirable work ethic to create an established brand with a worldwide repute.

The crafted experience of ACETECH’ is led by a focused team force with over 300+ staff members across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore along with the highly driven and entrepreneurial Founder, Sumit Gandhi adapted quickly to the needs of their exhibitors to grow ABEC and emerge as one of the biggest exhibition organizers in the nation.

Celebrating 25 years of business within the exhibition industry in the midst of a global pandemic may feel a little unsettling for some, but not for the Gandhi Brothers. Driven by determination, progressing in the future, ABEC as a company is focused on navigating its way through the global pandemic; getting back in action, more than ever on supporting exhibitors and delivering affordable, dependable shows and events, as the exhibition industry gets back into motion. ABEC is organizing one of the first Exhibition, ACETECH Signature Edition, post this pandemic this February in Mumbai.

Transforming from their formative years, commissioning small events in the Oil & Gas sector, the brothers ensured that the business grew exponentially, in diverse segments, all round the year with the flagship architecture and design expo – ACETECH being the crown jewel. “We started our journey with ‘Times Glamour’, though the Oil and Gas property was already going on. In 2004, we launched education, property and security and followed it with architecture and design in 2006. Today we are the largest home-made indigenous exhibition company in India,” says Sumit Gandhi. ‘Today, ACETECH ranks the third largest in the world in the building materials, design and architecture space,’ he adds.

Now marking a milestone by completing 15 years of ACETECH with the highest turnover amongst all of ABEC’s exhibitions. In December 2020, ACETECH was once again given the title of “The Leading Show: Building Materials & Construction” at the Exhibition Excellence Awards 2020.

‘We are now seen as the single-window exhibition property that can help a brand establish itself in this market. Ours is the only platform in which a brand interested in the Indian market can get reactions to their product offerings first-hand from the kind of audience they are targeting,” says Sumit.

ACETECH which is the third-largest expo in the world in the building materials, design and architecture space and now spread across more than 60,000+ square meters annually is testimony to the insistent focus on innovation. While counterparts continue to fluctuate in their trade appeal, ACETECH has provided building and innovating solutions to more than 20,00,000+ customers with a much-needed mainstay across cities like – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

Moreover, ACETECH is perfectly poised to act as a catalyst to the government’s vision and initiative of Smart Cities and Make in India, by bringing businesses together and providing a platform for international brands to test the waters in the Indian market.

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