‘100 Million by 2025, That is what we are aiming at’ says Aditya Saini, co-founder of Sarcasm and Sadcasm

Nowadays there are very few exceptions who are oblivious to social media, we are all somehow one way or the other exposed to the world of Memes and image-based content. News travels fast? Not anymore, if you are following the right pages you’ll find you know global news within a matter of seconds it has occurred even if it is happening halfway across the world. 

When it comes to being a successful social media platform and global and at the same time there is one page that has made it big in the online world, Sarcasm. It is now time for the avid fans to know the man who co-founded this page which is now on its way to be a brand in itself, Aditya Saini.

Saini was born in Mandawa, Rajasthan and has pursued his degree in Bachelor Of Arts from the Seth Gyaniram Bansidhar Podar College. Having spent a significant amount of time studying and learning what works well on the social media, he realized the majority of the audience were more inclined towards memes rather than just another piece of news on the internet. 

“Memes doesn’t have a target audience, if you feel like you can relate to it, memes are what you’ll look for when you come online at the day end. But these days people will post anything and declare it as a meme. That is not we aim at doing here at Sarcasm” says Saini. “We have always tried to provide valuable content that will not only make people laugh and want more from us, but also make them think about what they just saw.”

Now, soaring high with over 40 million followers globally Sarcasm is currently aiming at 100 million followers by 2025, some might say this is a ridiculous boast but not when it comes to the young entrepreneur, “When we started we just wanted to create something that people can well connect to, the success didn’t happen overnight. It was the sheer determination and unparalleled hard work of our team, that dreamed of making this into something big. We have achieved our milestones one by one and we are still on our way to making the 100 million mark possible.”

Sarcasm is already being acclaimed as a reliable and highly beneficial social media platform by very well known brands, McDonald’s, Wildstone, Mi are some of the few to be named. “We are being approached by various brands who are putting in repeated requests for us to promote their products, we look forward to working with bigger brands as well in the near future.” 

Sarcasm and Sadcasm generate their revenues by brand promotions and tie-ups with video-based and image-based contents. 

Other than work our young entrepreneur also enjoys his past time playing cricket and singing, “Anybody dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, there is just one thing I’d like to say to you, do not ignore the things or small guilty pleasures your heart wants you to indulge in. Hard work and determination, surely they are the strongest pillars of success. But also, learn to take you time off and enjoy life.” says Saini. 

It is indeed an inspiration to all the youngsters who want to stand out in the crowd and want to follow the growing trend of self-employment and entrepreneurship. 

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