How to make gardening soil / How to make old soil good again

How to make gardening soil / How to make old soil good again

How to make gardening soil: Hi, guys in our daily gardening we come across a command problem that our old gardening soil turns over-fertilize or low nutrient-rich and with this problem, we go to our nearby nursery or online to buy soil for our garden but in this article, I will share my personal trick to overcome form this problem.

Many times we don’t know how much water to pour in our plant and to we keep on adding water to our plant and we think that our plant will give more and more fruits or vegetable but guys we should consider the plant as a normal human as we know overeating and drinking is bad for our health so this rule is also applicable to the plans so you need to make a plan for your garden about after how many days you will pour weather to your plant you can decide according to your climate and the place were your plans are kept.

Garden soil preparation

Coming back to our topic guys if your plant’s soil is overwatered or overfertilized you have to remove your plant form your pot and don’t remove the plant harshly just take the edged side mud and slowly take the plant away from the pot without breaking the root some time we can find a small portion of the root is broken but it’s ok now take to mud in your home terrace according to the place where you stay I stay in the city so we have a terrace remove all the mud from the pot and spread the soil into the clear and a hot place where you can get 5-6 hours of direct sunlight and this is the process of making soli nutrient and new.


Guys as you know soil is a part of nature and it is found everywhere and this is a natural process I taught you guys if you have any kind of doughts about the gardening you can comment and let me know how did you like this process and if you want to buy soil online you can click here to Buy. this is an amazon link to buy soil for your gardening. Gardening soil price is 539 Rupees

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