5 Things That Can Go Wrong While Buying Bike Insurance Offline

bike insurance online

Buying bike insurance is now mandatory for the citizens of India. As per the Motor Vehicles Act 2019, driving a two-wheeler without at least a third-party insurance policy is a punishable offence. Individuals can buy a two-wheeler insurance policy either online or offline. However, there are multiple things that can go wrong if you are keen on purchasing bike insurance offline.

On the other hand, availing of bike insurance online has numerous perks compared to the offline mode. For instance, it comes with less paperwork and minimum documentation. Plus, you can easily compare multiple insurers online and opt for a suitable plan that offers well-rounded coverage.

Bike Insurance
Bike Insurance

Regardless, let’s take a look at the things that can go wrong when buying bike insurance offline.

5 Things That Can Go Haywire While Purchasing Bike Insurance Offline

The list of top 5 disadvantages of availing two-wheeler insurance offline is as follows:

  1. A Delay In The Process Of Insuring Your Bike

Insuring a bike offline might require you to take a day off from your quotidian routine. Besides this, a ton of paperwork and authorization procedures make things noticeably sluggish. Moreover, the unavailability of stakeholders or a single-agent interaction window makes the journey longer.

  1.  You Might End Up Paying Higher Premiums

Offline mode of bike insurance provides prospective policy borrowers with a lack of options. Hence, the premiums might be on the higher side. But, online bike insurance policy providers give buyers various options; hence, the premiums are likely to be more affordable. In addition, some of the leading policy providers also offer the benefits of a bike insurance premium calculator

, where individuals can calculate their premiums beforehand to get a sense of financial liabilities.

  1. Loss Of Discounts

Offline insurance policies, in most cases, do not provide discounts either in their premiums or in the upfront fees, preying on the customer’s inefficiency to bargain in such situations.0

  1. Hardly Any Support From The Insurance Company’s Support Team

In most cases, offline insurance service providers don’t usually provide 24X7 support for their customers. As a result of this, trying to reach support staff during an emergency becomes daunting and might delay the clamming process. Also, lack of accountability and delayed response make availing an insurance offline worrisome.

  1. Delay In The Claim Settlement Process

If claiming an insurance policy becomes longer, the financial draining of individuals increases; hence, the whole process becomes challenging. However, availing of bike insurance online can significantly expedite the process, and the entire system of operation is fast and is available 24/7.

Hence, opting for bike insurance online provides ample benefits for borrowers. Apart from fast processing and easy claims, they also offer multiple add-on facilities that provide value for money. Besides this, cashless repairs, customization of vehicle IDV, and smartphone-enabled self-inspection make the process easy and hassle-free.


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